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Since 1950 Heat and Control has been in the business of advancing the food production industry. Priding ourselves on building strong, long-term relationships with customers who rely on us to creatively help solve problems, lower costs, increase productivity, and improve quality for the life of their machinery.
Our brand family consisting of FastBack®, Spray Dynamics® and Mastermatic®; along with technology partner brands of Ishida® and CEIA® come together to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions for a wide variety of production requirements.
With a focus on flavour and consistency we’ve developed innovative cooking and value-added processing technology for everything from raw food preparation to ancillary support systems. To make food taste great we support all kinds of seasoning and flavouring applications with unmatched performance, coverage, and efficiency.
Our conveying and product handling solutions feature the world-renowned FastBack® horizontal motion conveyor, with smart design and line management to achieve accurate feed, accumulation, proportional feed, and distribution flow. We also offer other conveyors, elevators, and feeding systems.
A partnership with Ishida, a leading producer of weighing, packaging and inspection systems for food, pharmaceutical, and industrial products, enables a full range of integrated weigher-bagmaker systems, product infeed equipment, finished package handling machines, checkweighers and X-ray machines. Metal detectors, and vision inspection systems from partners and leading manufacturer(s) CEIA improve inspection processes for food, pharmaceuticals, and non-food products.
Heat and Control is a privately-owned company with ten manufacturing facilities, 11 test centres, and more than 30 offices globally. Our international team has built an extensive knowledge bank and developed a wealth of experience and expertise. Access to production and technical support from a network of engineers, food technicians, field service technicians, skilled tradespeople, and support teams provide food manufacturers with confidence to achieve production goals.


Project Manager CEIA

Als Project Manager CEIA bij Heat and Control bekleed je een brede rol, die een mix is tussen sales engineering en project management. Jij bent verantwoordelijk voor projecten binnen het CEIA team, waarbij je je bezighoudt met de nieuwste technologie op het gebied van metaaldetectie binnen de voedingsmiddelenindustrie.

De volgende taken behoren tot jouw takenpakket:
• Het maken van offertes
• Communicatie met CEIA over bestellingen, levertijden, oplossingen, etc.
• Je bent het aanspreekpunt op het gebied van technische vraagstukken voor verschillende klanten
• Je analyseert het proces bij de klant en je bedenkt een passende oplossing
• Het geven van product presentaties bij de klant
• Testen uitvoeren met de klant op locatie of op kantoor
• Bewaken van planningen en budgetten, maakt voortgangsrapportages voor het managementoverleg

Je hebt een commerciële representatieve instelling, uitstekende communicatieve vaardigheden, zeer goed technisch inzicht.

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