Symposium by Brightlands Materials Centre and TNO: value chain cooperation towards circular packaging



Transitioning to circular packaging presents several challenges that need to be addressed with urgency. These challenges encompass various stages in the value chain; from designing packages, producing, transportation, filling, usage, to sorting and recycling materials back into new packaging.

To achieve circularity in packaging, the recycled materials must be of high quality. So they can be continuously used in producing new packages while still meeting stringent demands of product safety, high-speed filling lines, and consumer usage.

This circular transition is an effort of all partners in the value chain. We as Brightlands Materials Center/ TNO are an independent research organization facilitating key research cooperations towards circular packaging. This afternoon we will host four knowledge sessions featuring industry and research experts on circularity in rigid PP packaging. The highlight of the event will be a dynamic panel discussion, where experts will engage with the audience, answering their questions.

Programme at Empack on Wednesday the 10th of April 2024; 13 PM – 15 PM h:

13.00 – 13.15 PM – The transition from conventional flexible packaging to X-CYCLE (TM) monomaterial structures – by Michail Tzintzoglou, Packaging Professional
13.20 – 13.40 PM – Towards high quality recyclates from printed packaging – design for deinking – by Andrey Charkovskiy, Senior Business Partner Recycling and Polymers
13.40 – 14.00 PM – Value chain cooperation towards circular packaging. Recyclate quality upgrading – by Nithya Subramanian, Medior Scientist
14.00 – 14.20 PM – Value chain cooperation towards circular packaging – by Remy Notten, Commercial Director
14.20 – 15.00 PM – Panel discussion with Michail Tzintzoglou, Andrey Charkovskiy, Remy Notten and Marieke Havermans, hosted by Nithya Subramanian
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