Tray to tray rPET


Tray to tray rPET by Hordijk Verpakkingen

Following the PET bottle-to-bottle trail, the tray-to-tray world is also making progress in (semi) closed loop material recycling processes. This entry shows how it can be done in a very elegant manner in the Dutch market. This packaging consists of 40% recycled PET (rPET), of which at least half comes from household waste. As a result, less new plastic is needed and more rPET is available.

Hordijks’ business relation Umincorp runs a recycling factory using Magnetic Density Separation (MDS): a special technology that makes the recycling of mixed plastic waste streams significantly more efficient. Plastic waste is washed and ground into smaller pieces. This separates the different plastic types from each other. The MDS-rPET is used by Hordijk Verpakkingen for new food-safe transparent food trays. Transparency in particular was a challenge. rPET extracted from alternative rPET streams is already being used for mostly coloured rPET packaging. Hordijk Verpakkingen is able to make transparent food packaging that is not inferior in terms of transparency and quality to rPET bottles.

Registrants: Hordijk VerpakkingenUmincorpAlbert Heijn and Koninklijke Vezet

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