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Oxy Injector – Ventoxal

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A dynamic gas-injection device designed by Air Liquide,
the OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL system significantly
increases the mass-transfer rate to reach high oxygen
dissolution, and it integrates seamlessly with all types of
wastewater basins.
The water that needs to be treated is pumped through a
gas-liquid nozzle where oxygen is introduced. Emerging
gas bubbles burst quickly, resulting in a highly dispersed
fine-bubble stream. The oxygen-enriched fluid is then
injected, thus enhancing overall oxygenation and mixing.
During process steps where no oxygen is needed, the
system provides the required mixing energy (e.g. for the
denitrification step, the OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL is
able to mix the basin without gas injection).
The system can be adapted to wastewater basins
with varying water depths and levels of pollution. The
combination of mixing and high oxygen transfer makes
it a powerfully effective solution.


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