Bluemint® steel pure


Bluemint® steel pure by Hoffmann The Tin

Steel packaging is moving ahead, that is very clear from this innovation by canmaker Hoffmann The Tin, their supplier Thyssenkrupp Steel and their customer Ricola. With the barrier and showcase properties of these tins undisputable, the key element of the debate is the current CO2 consumption in conventional steel manufacturing. The claim for this pack is a CO2 reduction per mass unit of 70%.

The packaging innovation is based on the Ricola can which is made from Bluemint® Steel, making it first of its kind in the global FMCG market. The packaging steel used for the packaging innovation is made from hot-rolled strip, which has a 70% reduced CO2 intensity compared to conventionally produced hot-rolled strip. DNV reviewed the methodology developed by Thyssenkrupp Steel. The CO2 savings in the steel production process are achieved by changing input materials in the blast furnace.

Registrants: Hoffmann The TinThyssenkrupp Steel and Ricola

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