Sustainable paper wash-off solution


Sustainable paper wash-off solution by Avery Dennison

On the way to multi-substrate washable labels that minimise the environmental impact in the material recycling Backend-process, that is the motto of this innovation. Key element in the approach is a novel glue, permitting wash-off of the label at lower temperatures and compatible with the existing recycling lines.

The new generation wash off paper labels are qualified for some of the largest pooling systems in Europe, like Euro Pool System and IFCO. The labels are NPEO free and there are no extra chemical additives required to remove the residuals after washing. Also the energy usage is considerably lowered; the wash-off temperature may start at temperatures as moderate as 21°C, with an optimum at 60°C. Last but not least, the labels can be applied on a wide range of different substrates, from glass to paper and plastic.

Registrant: Avery Dennison

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