FDoR® (Flexo Direct on Rigid)


FDoR® (Flexo Direct on Rigid) Van Dam Machine Europe BV

Speed and quality in packaging print, that’s what this machine processing innovation in direct printing is all about. The print quality on, say, cups is improved as no label is needed and less intermediate drying takes place. On top of that, the inks used are water-based, not UV-based, scoring extra points on the sustainability scale.

The new printing technique combines the advantages of high flexo print quality at comparatively low decoration costs of dry offset on plastic packaging. Because of the high absorbency of the molded fiber surface, the Flexo Direct on Rigid printing technology (FDoR) is used in combination with the Van Dam conical printer. This brings many advantages, including less ink usage, flexibility, higher print quality, brighter colours and less cumbersome operation.

Registrant: Van Dam Machine Europe BV

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