Balaton closure


Balaton closure by Kraft Heinz

Squeezing ketchup out of a bottle can be a joy, but the changing societal and environmental mood also drives the silicone based valve out as this makes the bottle far less recyclable. This innovation fully removes this problem, while maintaining the required dosing functionality and customer experience.

This new closure with an innovative solution aims to replace the currently used flip-top caps with non-recyclable silicon valve. The Balaton closure is made of two components which are the closure body and an insert (disk). When assembled, they create pathways in the closure and an indirect exit for the product to be dispensed when pressure to the bottle is being applied. When the pressure is being released it allows the air to vent back and therefore, the bottle can recover in its original shape. The inbuilt retention system in comparison to the preceding valve results in a more controlled dosing and a more optimal and consistent dosing force during usage. Since both components can be manufactured in the same location, out of the same material and assembled in the production process it will also decrease complexity.

Registrants: Kraft HeinzAptar and Berry Global

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