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Zero Waste

On the road to zero waste

By offering the highest level of knowledge Empack serves the Dutch packaging community. Lots of visitors come to Empack with a direct target: finding the most relevant knowledge and innovative packaging solutions.

Experienced professionals and speakers from The Netherlands and abroad share their knowledge and experiences in an extended programme full of the most actual and hot-topics of the packaging industry.

Waste does not exist. We consider it raw material.

The packaging industry is one of the prominent faces in the context of sustainability; we consume endless products, each with its own packaging. Every year, 450 billion packages are put on the European market.

After the leading packaging companies such as Unilever, P&G and Coca-Cola, more and more national companies are integrating sustainability more strongly into their business strategy. This leads to a different mindset. It involves other motivations in relation to the purchase of packaging materials; which also means packaging machines must be future-proof and need to be able to work with new materials.

‘A Dutchman opens an average of 7 packages per day. This results in an average of 1855 packages per year.’


Zero Waste Empack 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Why a zero waste strategy?


One of the reasons Empack is annually visited by SMEs and the large multinationals in the Netherlands, is because they want to reduce their environmental impact. We are not surprised that packaging has a major influence on this, but there is much profit to be gained in this area.

Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries. Exhibitors of Empack are yet to sufficiently prioritize sustainability and circularity when considering design, use and disposal of packaging. That is a positive development and good steps are being taken, but too often the problem is pushed even further into the chain.

The time for waiting is over..

“We are looking for ways to go green and learn about how we can do our part to impact the environment. What choices can we make to be more sustainable? We challenge ourselves and our exhibitors to participate and, for example, to put sustainable pilots in the spotlight. We want to be a driver and we do that by taking action ourselves. There is much talk about sustainability, but the time for waiting is over. As an event organization, we want to do that by generating as little as waste as possible and at the same time offering a good alternative to the waste that still arises.”


Michelle van Helvoirt, Marketing Event Manager Empack

Empack daagt zichzelf uit! En hoe?

Verpakkingen zorgen voor minder voedselverspilling en maken efficiënt transport van producten mogelijk. Tegelijkertijd moeten we ervoor waken dat onze verpakkingen niet in het milieu terechtkomen. Ook verliezen we jaarlijks ruim 10 miljard bomen, en de consequenties daarvan zijn niet mals. Om die reden werkt Empack samen met United Packaging Forest en planten we per exposant één boom, in Oeganda of in de Hollandse Biesbosch.

Door de aanplanting van bomen compenseren we gezamenlijk de CO2 uitstoot van de hele productieketen. Onder het motto: “Iedere boom is er een”, willen we met zoveel mogelijk bedrijven in de keten echt het verschil maken. Iedere deelnemer, van individu tot groot bedrijf, is welkom om dit initiatief te steunen.

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