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Invite your relations to Empack 2024

Together, we create a successful trade fair experience. To simplify your task of notifying your clients and prospects about your Empack participation, we offer you Easyfairs’ unique Invitation Service.

Save time and expenses typically associated with invitation design and printing! We’ll send personalized invitation cards or emails to your contacts on your behalf, completely free of charge.

Simply submit your contact lists (max. 2000 records) via My Easyfairs. Do you want to provide more addresses?  We can discuss this further. Feel free to reach out to Exhibitor Activation if you have any questions.

Let your network know you are at Empack!

Invite your network via the database

If you want us to invite customers on behalf of your company, you have the option to provide us with a complete database. We’ll send personalized cards to the contacts in this database using your company’s name.

A unique registration link

If you want to invite customers online, simply share a unique link. When your customers click on this link, they will be directed straight to our registration page and can sign up without a code. It can’t get much easier than that!

In your My Easyfairs account, you’ll find the portal to submit your contact lists, the unique registration link, and other marketing materials under the section ‘Invite Customers & Prospects’. Did you know that you can also track  who has registered using your unique code or link there?

The main benefits for you in a nutshell

free invitations will be sent out with your company's name on them.

This saves both time and costs. Contacts what are also in our email database will not receive a postal item but rather an email with a unique registration code. In this email your company's name is will also be prominently displayed.

All AVG-proof

We've developed a secure environment where you can easily upload contact lists with just one click. Inviting contacts has never been this easy!

Contribute to the visitor quality

Enhance visitor quality and maximize your participation's return on investment. Your influence on the people you meet during Empack is substantial through customer invitations.

Guaranteed visits to your booth

Sending numerous invitations under your company's name ensures that many potential and existing connections are aware of your participation at Empack. There's a high probability they'll seek you out during the event!

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Questions about the invitation service?

Feel free to contact us!

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