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Drukkerij Van Lijsebetten is een vaste waarde in verpakkingen voor de voedingsnijverheid. Bedrukken en afwerken van vouwdozen, pancartes, displays, wikkels en allerhande publicitair materiaal in meerkleurendruk op vlakkarton of op papier. Uw publicitair en verpakkingsdrukwerk bij dezelfde leverancier, een kwestie van kwaliteit en service. Drukkerij Van Lijsebetten is BRC-IOP gecertificeerd.

Flowpack film that comes with a reclosable strip already in register. Your (printed) packaging can be re-locked using a label or a special ziplock

Smart Palletizer using Cobot and Smart Software to palletize products on the smallest of footprints, Smart Simple and SAFE

Dijkstra Vereenigde vertegenwoordigd de ADAPTAPACK Case Erector en Case Packer machines in de Benelux. ADAPTAPACK is gespecialiseerd in het opzetten en vullen van Amerikaanse vouwdozen. Naast een uitgebreid standaard programma, bouwt Adaptapack machines volgens klant specificaties. Wij leveren stand-alone machines, maar kunnen ook de machines integreren in een bestaande productielijn of een hele productielijn met …

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Plastic pallets medium

zuignappen, vacuümtechniek, grijpercomponenten

Vacuüm (last) heffers voor o.a. metaal-, hout-, kunststof-, steen- en glas industrie. Slimme oplossingen voor dak- en wandpanelen, voor werkzaamheden binnen en buiten, ook netspanning onafhankelijk gebruik.

De verpakkingautomaten van AVC zijn de meest complete machines uit het assortiment. Deze automaten zijn zeer betrouwbaar en werken met een hoge snelheid die een complete werkvloer aan de slag houdt. Deze machines worden veelal ingezet bij het verwerken van grote series van dezelfde producten. Maar ook in b.v. sociale werkplaatsen vormen zij de onmisbare …

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Vlakke transportbanden Opvoer transportbanden Knik- en Z-transportbanden Metaal- en kunststofscharnier transportsystemen Werkstukdager Rollenbanen Bunker systemen, buffer / draaitafels Tandriem, snaar en klemsystemen Op aanvraag ook in RVS uitgevoerd

‘Groene’ noppenfolie – 100% gerecyclede folie

Een nieuw soort noppenfolie, bestaand uit gerecycled materiaal. Een duurzame keuze dus. Deze ‘groene’ noppenfolie is: ● geproduceerd uit 100% gerecyclede folie; ● qua kwaliteit gelijk aan de reguliere noppenfolie; ● makkelijker afscheurbaar; ● transparant-kleurig met een oceaan-groene kleurtoevoeging (groene folie = groene keuze)

“SH1000” Hot Air Sealer

Used for the sealing of open-mouth polypropylene and polyethylene bags. The sealer can be mounted on a motorised column and trolley or incorporated into a custom built application. The sealer can also be mounted vertically. It is recommended to have a conveyor when the product weighs more than 450g, and when the sealer is mounted …

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Idépack offers a wide range of (Dé) Palletisers, from simple rental solutions to high speed Multi layer Palletisers. Our new Gantry Palleiser is the Palletiser for the FUTURE! With a smart design and innovative technology, we have come to gantry robot that meets the requirements for the future. Good ROI – Low Down Time – …

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1 step system shrink wrapping

1 step system works with a folded polyolefine film. Put the product manually between the 2 layers of film. Close the hood and the film will seal and shrink in 1 cycle.

1/2 GN

De nieuwe gastronoom verpakking gemaakt van r-Pet

1/4 GN

De nieuwe gastronoom verpakking gemaakt van r-Pet

10 colour printing

ADVANTAGES / PROPERTIES: • High quality photo printing • 10 colour flexo printing incl. several quoting possibilities • Efficient order changing system

14.4L Brewing Vessel

The Brewing Vessel or Beer Pouch, a flexible container constructed from a high barrier 4 layer laminated foil intended for the use of holding a Beer concentrate which can further be brewed at home by the consumer by simply adding the provided yeast topping up with warm water and leaving to stand for 10-14 days.

2 ply-labels

The 2-ply label has 3 printed surfaces for additional information. These labels take up the same amount of space as a standard label, but offer up to 3 times more space for additional content or multiple languages. 2-ply labels offer a cost-effective and space-saving way to add value to a product. There is a non-adhesive …

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2K Pouring fliptop cap

Two K injection moulded fliptop pouring cap Easy to open Reclosable Non drip pouring Total empty

43mm sprinkle cap

In the food market, there are many closures dedicated to providing easy dispensing of loose, dry products, like spices, herbs, decorative toppings for baked goods, and others. Kornelis provides a wide array of solutions for this sort of product, not least of which is the firm’s latest 43mm sprinkle cap. Kornelis developed both a 1 …

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5 Liter Pet Jerrycan

Uit voorraad leverbaar onze lichtgewicht 5 liter PET Jerrycan, wij produceren deze jerrycan in diverse gewichten. Ten opzichte van de traditionele grondstof HDPE realiseren we een grondstof besparing van ruim 35%!

63mm Double walled cap

In addition to the wide range of standard caps and closures Kornelis developed a custom made closure again. This double-walled 63 mm twist off cap has a recognizable design and because of the ridges on the side it has a good grip to easily turn the lid off the jar. On top of the cap …

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63mm E-cap Pip & Nut with IML

Kornelis has provided the new closures for Pip & Nut food products. Pip & Nut produces “tasty natural nut butter” products and currently sells within the UK market. A small start-up firm receiving significant media attention, Kornelis’ cap jibes well with Pip & Nut’s progressive environmental awareness, offering a cap that requires less energy and …

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ABIflexx Wide Delta

With the ever increasing emphasis on compact robots and reduction in factory footprint in mind, the ABIflexx Wide Delta was developed. Through a completely new configuration of this special delta robot, an oval work area is created, enabling the Wide Delta to reach products on conveyor belts up to a width of 1580mm. A second …

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ACCRAPLY ShrinkMaster S2000 & S4000

ShrinkMaster S2000 & S4000 van Accraply Sleevit Krimptunnel gebaseerd op stoom en geschikt voor het krimpen van full of part body sleeves op midden en hoge capaciteit. Temperatuur controle voor pre-heat. Stoom geeft minder problemen met vervorming van uw Artwork door de gelijkmatige verdeling van de warmte. 8 heat zones per module Stoom management Zeer …

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Accraply Modular Zoned Steam Tunnel

– Modular zone design – Stainless steel construction – Fully adjustable steam lances – Clear view acces doors – Full efficiency and shrink performance, keeping heat loss at a minimum


Shrink Sleeve Label Accumulator Application The Accumulator is suitable for high speed lines that require non-stop production where no container accumulation has been built in. Combined with a twin stand-alone 600mm full material spool with splice table, the accumulator can give the operator time to splice on a new reel of lay-flat material while the …

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Adiabatische koeling voor de industrie

Een goed geconditioneerd binnenklimaat is essentieel om te voorkomen dat ‘s zomers de temperatuur te hoog oploopt met een productiviteitsdaling en/of een vermindering van de productkwaliteit tot gevolg. Adiabatische koeling is een duurzame techniek om een optimaal binnenklimaat te realiseren.

Advice on load securing with tests on location according to Eumos standard

To warp a pallet, dust-free with the help of stretch film is not that difficult. Wrapping a pallet according to the stricter Eumos guidelines is a completely different story. Panhuijsen offers a very extensive program for testing your pallet loads …. at your location. With our HiLife and ESTL monitoring system we calculate, among other …

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Afinia DLF-220 Digital Label Finisher

The DLF-220 and DLF-220L are all-in-one systems that unwind, laminate (DLF-220L only), digitally plotter-cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind—offering you everything you need to professionally cut and finish short-run labels from your digital color label printers. Also Available in 350mm width to release pressure from you far more expensive digital finishing machines

Afinia L301 desktop colour label printer

Ideal for Small Businesses Creating professional labels on demand is easy with the L301. Bringing short-run label printing in-house saves time and money. Eliminate lead times, setup fees, plate changing fees, and order quantity minimums associated with outsourcing labels. The L301’s continuous roll printing capability allows businesses to print professional-quality labels as needed. No more …

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Afinia L701 Kleuren label printer

Met de L701-kleurenlabelprinter, onze goedkoopste initiële kostenoplossing met Memjet-technologie, kunt u kleuren labels afdrukken in zeer hoge kwaliteit. De L701 is ideaal voor installaties met meerdere printers of toepassingen waar hoge prestaties, een lage initiële investering en een kleine footprint allemaal vereist zijn. Hoge kwaliteit en resolutie Krijg alle voordelen van Memjet in een compacte …

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De Afinia L801 wordt geleverd compleet met een geïntegreerde cutter, unwinder, grote inkt cartridges (250 ml.) en een stofkap voor een perfecte print! Uiteraard is optioneel een bijpassende rewinder mogelijk! Professionele afdrukkwaliteit bij hoge snelheden De combinatie van afdrukkwaliteit, snelheid en inktkosten van de L801 is moeilijk te verslaan De L801 is een door Memjet …

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Afinia L901

Afinia Label, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial color label printing and finishing equipment, has released the L901 digital color label printer, powered by the Sirius print engine from Memjet. maintenance. This industrial digital label printer can produce full-color prints at speeds of up to 12 inches per second at up to 1600×1600 DPI via …

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Afinia L901 Colourprinter

The L901 color printer has it all: The new memjet engine, new inks, on-the-fly cleaning, movable gapsensor, big touchscreen, easy operating, job storing, etc. You have to see this!

Air-worthy (re-)packing

National Air Cargo does not ship shoe-box-sized shipments like the known 3-letter courier services. We prefer to ship the machines that produce these boxes and understand that special care needs to be taken in regards to fragility and high value of the cargo. At Empack we look forward to elaborate with you on this.

Airpouch – Void fill

Door het lichtgewicht en gemak van de luchtkussentjes van het vernieuwde AirPouch opvulsysteem worden de verzendkosten verlaagd en neemt de productiviteit en efficientie toe. Verwerkt tot 15 meter luchtkussens per minuut. Geen perslucht nodig.

Airpouch Fastwrap

Airpouch Fastwrap is het nieuwste systeem, dat bubbel- en tubestructuren produceert, ter bescherming van uw producten. Het is een volledig electrisch systeem, makkelijk op te stellen, gebruiksvriendelijk, en messen-vrij. Tussen de tubes zit een perforatie, zodat ze makkelijk van mekaar kunnen worden getrokken.

AlphaJET Mondo® / AlphaJet Into® / AlphaJet Evo® / AlphaJet Tempo® / AlphaJet Pico®

De alphaJET into, alphaJET evo, alphaJET tempo and alphaJET Pico tempo are the next generation of ink jet printers based on KBA-Metronic’s expertise gained from decades of inkjet design. The new alphaJETs are easy to operate, they print in high quality, at fast production speeds, with stainless steel housing, IP 65protection class, nozzle closure, operating …

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Alternative to plastic trays

Schut Systems and PilloPak introduce Lock-Well®, a completely new tray concept with compartments. Such a tray has not been manufactured out of ultra light corrugated paper before. It’s an environmental friendly alternative to plastic trays. The concept consists of a special tray erector, which can be integrated in an existing packaging line, and an unfolded …

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Aluminium profiles & components

Aluminium profile systems guarantee flexibility and rapidity when putting together aluminium structures. Thanks to these constructions, optimizing your warehouse layout and / or production environment is easy to achieve. With our extensive range of aluminium profiles and components, our experienced technicians build the constructions according to your drawings, or according to the drawings of our …

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Aluminium smoothwall Topseal schalen

Aluminium MAP topseal schalen zijn uitermate geschikt voor oven en Barbecue. Aluminium is een Mono materiaal , is 100% recycleerbaar, oneindig en zonder kwaliteitsverlies.

Aluminium Vacuum bag 72my

Avoid discolouring your products! With the aluminum vacuum bags (PET PE metalized) from Brada packaging, your product stays beautiful for color!

American folding box single wave

From moving boxes to potato boxes, American folding boxes can be used for every application. If you regularly package or ship (lighter) products, our single-wave folding boxes are ideal for use. Due to the single wave, the boxes are sturdy and can easily carry lighter goods. American folding boxes are available in many different sizes …

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Hy-end analysers for measuring in-line and head space in packaging

AP550e Label applicator

The AP550e is a semi – automatic label applicator , this is quick and easy to make exactly the labels on a wide range of flat surfaces such as rectangular bottles, boxes , rectangular containers , bags, lids, cans, and more. Labels are straight and without wrinkles or folds on , exactly the desired location. …

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APL Robotman

The APL-Robotman is the right labelling system if you want full agility for your production. It uses the cobot arm, which can be taught-in at the touch of a button, to apply labels to any areas of your product, even hard-to-reach areas (e.g. the inside of a crate). If the position of the labelling varies, …

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APP Corners

We are the Dutch producer of our very own edgeprotectors or edgecorners.


The wide range of standard applicators from NOVEXX Solutions ensures an accurate application of labels to any specific position on your products, cartons, trays or pallets. The applicators can be easily attached to our Labeling and Print & Apply Systems as well as to our tabletop printers. Top labeling Side labeling Bottom labeling Leading edge …

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ASC 7400F – Leaktester for hard-wall packaging

Fast, non-destructive leak testing for bottles, pots, vials, enz. – Quantitative inspection: the degree of leakage is measured – Fast – High test frequency possible – Accurate – Traceability assured

ASC 7400S.2 – New leaktester for flexible packaging – Non-destructive

The ASC 7400S.2 is the latest addition to ASC’s range of non-destructive leaktesters. – No waste generated by testing (product, packaging): good packs can return to production line – Constant testing possible : a permanent finger on the pulse – Traceability assured – Clean – Reliable – Operator friendly – Fast

Assembly machine

fully customer product specialized assembly cell up to speed of 200 parts per minute

Atoma lineaire wegers

Atoma lineaire wegers. Deze machines worden niet meer gebouwd, maar door LWA nog steeds ingekocht, volledig nagekeken en vervolgens weer met garantie terug in de markt gezet.

Attractive human-machine interface: the ETT multi-touch series

With the ETT series, SIGMATEK launches operating panels that optimally combine multi-touch functionality in hard and software. The modern HMIs enable new, smart operating concepts that provide positive operating experience and conveys “zeitgeist”. In the new SIGMATEK HMIs, projective capacitive touch technology (PCT) is used, by which the sensors are protected on the back of …

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Automac 55 più

The Automac 55 più is incontestably the most widely-used industrial machine for packaging fresh products in stretch wrap. This packaging machine is ideal for fresh packaging of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, poultry and cheese. The Automac 55 più is also distinguished by extremely high operational reliability. The machine has a standard speed of 55 packaging …

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Automac 75

The Automac 75 is a newly-developed stretch wrap packaging machine based on the reliable technology of the Automac 55 più. The Automac 75 is distinguished from the Automac 55 più by its speed and the engineering applied. With a speed of up to 75 packaging units per minute, the Automac 75 is considerably faster than …

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Automatic L-sealers

The automatic L-sealer works with a in and outfeed belt. Put the product on the infeed belt and it will be automaticly transported into the film on the outfeed belt. After the film is sealed the product is automatic transported out of the machine.


The automatic loading systems are multiformat and ready to work with different products and patterns. Tavil develops the software, the integration, the design of the complete solution.

Automatic palletwrapper

De automatische palletwikkelmachine FG 2000F is een wikkelaar voorzien van een automatisch aanhecht en afsnijd mechanisme. De palletwikkelmachine heeft een robuuste draaitafel met een laadcapaciteit van 2000kg. voor o.a.: blok en Europallets.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrap up to 200 loads per hour with Lantech turntable, straddle, or ring straddle stretch wrappers Exclusive LeanWrap™ technology delivers major stretch wrapping quality improvements and performance levels never before possible.

Ax-Serie | Continuous inkjet

Onlangs lanceerde Domino de Ax-Serie, revolutionaire kleinkarakter inkjetprinters (CIJ) die vanaf nul opnieuw zijn ontwikkeld en áltijd de perfecte druppel genereren. Met de nieuwe i-Pulse printkop en inkten, het i-Techx elektronica- en softwareplatform en het Domino Design, innoveert Domino op drie belangrijke vlakken met deze inkjetprinters. Maar dat is niet het enige, in deze tijd …

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Ax150i | Continuous inkjet

Rewriting the Rules in Continuous Ink Jet Printing i-Pulse – Print Head & Inks – Perfect drops every time – 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds – Inks for even the toughest substrates – Matching of print heads and ink – Multiple print size options Domino Design – Designed for Real life – Minimum …

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Ax350i | Continuous inkjet

Rewriting the Rules in Continuous Ink Jet Printing i-Pulse – Print Head & Inks – Perfect drops every time – 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds – Inks for even the toughest substrates – Matching of print heads and ink – Multiple print size options Domino Design – Designed for real life – Minimum …

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Ax550i | Continuous inkjet

Rewriting the Rules in Continuous Ink Jet Printing i-Pulse – Print Head & Inks – Perfect drops every time – 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds – Inks for even the toughest substrates – Matching of print heads and ink – Multiple print size options Domino Design – Designed for real life – Minimum …

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B-EX6 industrial printer

The Toshiba B-EX6 series — redefining the industrial printer marketplace. Combining market leading technology with usability, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Bag in Box filler

Solution for Bag-in-Box and pouches, or both on the same machine. All levels of automation, from semi automatic to full auto. From basic to ultra-clean.


A unique combination of folding cardboard in the look of a bag with golden cord.


Bags come in all shapes and sizes. Paper bags are better for the environment than plastic bags, which is why many entrepreneurs are making the transition from plastic to paper. Paper bags come in many different sizes, colors and designs. In addition to paper bags, we also offer plastic bags in various qualities, dimensions, designs …

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Vitrapack supplies bags – side-welt, harmonica and block-bottom bags – in the size you require. We advise you on the right format, film quality, printing and finishing. Our bags are used as packaging for food products including: chocolate figures sponge cakes cracknels waffles. They are also used for the packaging of a variety of non-food …

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Besides the packaging films on reel, we also provide ready-made bags in various shapes, such as vacuum bags, doypacks or bread and banquet bags with multiple opening possibilities. Vacuum bags extend the shelf life of products, by removing the oxygen. The doypacks provide a smooth presentation and the convenient reclosable zipper offers an advantage to …

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Bags & sacks

From polypropylene to biodegradable material, we have various bags and bags available. Antalis is happy to help you make the right choice. For a wide range of applications and every budget, our packaging bags and bags are ideal for many sectors, from industrial to e-commerce, including recyclable and reusable options, so that they are environmentally …

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Baking paper / Parchment paper

New ! Baking / Parchment paper rolls or sheets, a 41 grams strong and 2 sided siliconized paper. Available in different size and packaging.

Bale-arm crates folder

Bale-arm folder will open all bale-arms before the the crates can be filled and stacked. – The speed is up to 16-18 crates per min. – Full and half size crates can be used. – Bad crates are automatically removed

Bandall’s Print & Band Module

Unique to Bandall’s High Performance Print & Band model with integrated printer is the added capability for unlimited printing in any number of positions over the entire width and length of the 360° band. Immediate advantages: – Save on primary packaging, drastically reducing wastage of obsolete stocks – Print & band in one single step …

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Banding adds value to E-Commerce

What makes Bandall’s banding technology so attractive to the world of E-Commerce? E-Commerce is steadfastly growing. More and more packages are being sent around the world from large distribution and packaging centres. The importance of tamper evident packaging and branding is also clearly increasing. As are cost savings and waste reduction. In all of these …

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Hard to break – easy to repair: Schoeller Allibert’s new pallet, BaYoPal® is the company’s latest innovation for all industries, including Food & Beverage, Retail, Pooling, Agriculture, Automotive and more. Designed for use in harsh industrial and logistics environments, and working seamlessly on most automated handling systems, BaYoPal® offers maximised rigidity and safety. Part of …

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Bearings and Houses

Scanbelt Conveyma B.V. supplies a wide range of flange bearings for internal transport systems and machines. These flange bearings are maintenance-free and interchangeable with standard cast-iron bearing housings. Our enclosures are available in high-quality plastic (PBT) and stainless steel, with a choice of 2-hole, 3-hole and 4-hole housings. The houses can be supplied separately but …

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Traditional absorbers are no longer used for our BeeMagicTray for MAP [Modified Atmosphere Packaging], which enables us to issue a DOC [declaration of compliance] for our BeeMagicTray.

BEKOMAT® condensate drain

BEKOMAT® the elektronic levelcontrolled condensate drain. The most trustable way of dealing with your condensate.

Besturings-upgrade machinepark

De besturingstechniek van uw installatie bepaalt voor een groot deel hoe efficiënt uw installatie werkt. De mogelijkheden zijn enorm! Daarom kijken de automatiseringsdeskundigen van Veldkamp niet alleen naar de benodigde elektrotechnische vereisten maar ook naar de omstandigheden waaronder uw machines in gebruik zijn. Onder andere met welke belasting uw machines draaien, het percentage vollast en …

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Beverage can applicator

The Beverage Can Sleeving Solution (BCSS) shrink sleeve labelling applicator combines innovation with functionality to create a fully-guarded, full body sleeve applicator that is both efficient and easy to operate. It encompasses all elements of container pitching, timing, sleeve application, and line control in a compact unit that is quick and easy to set up. …

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Bicycle boxes

To bring bicycles in the right way from A to B, we also produce bicycle boxes. The bicycle boxes ensure that staff can pack and transport the bicycle without back problems. More information about our bicycle boxes? Come and visit us at our booth C220!

Bio banding label

Bio banding label. With the innovative and sustainable packaging concept’Branding by Banding® special printing company Max. Aarts sustainable packaging solutions and contributes to reducing the consumption of packaging materials and increasing recyclability. Have a durable banding label printed. The entire food industry is becoming more sustainable. Do not stay behind and have a 100% recyclable …

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BIO FVSOL 60 is a PLA- and PVOH-based laminate that is totally biodegradable, compostable and bio-based in accordance with regulation EN 13432. This biodegradable laminate is one of the materials in our SOL range, which is characterized by high-barrier films that condense maximum quality and protection in minimum thickness. This material is also 100% suitable …

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This structure consists of kraft paper laminated with BIO FVSOL, especially designed for applications that require high oxygen barriers, and for Doypack pouches. A window can be incorporated for product visibility, and the finish gives the packaging a more natural feel to transmit sustainability

BIZERBA – LUCEO, controle door optische inspectie

Luceo ontwikkelt, produceert en installeert sinds meer dan 30 jaar oplossingen voor optische inspectie van voedingsmiddelen zonder contact te maken met de verpakking. In 2015 nam Bizerba de leider in optische inspectie over om zijn rol als betrouwbare partner in de voedingsindustrie te versterken. Bizerba Luceo levert complete inspectiemachines die zich eenvoudig laten integreren in …

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Bizerba Busch FSL-PRO S

Semi-automatic filling system FSL-PRO S This semi-automatic, flexible all-round filling system FSL-PRO S ensures your product quality by to-the-gram weighing, safe packaging even of flammable, foaming or corrosive liquids and through gentle dosing. This compact unit is ideally suitable for minimal space.

BIZERBA Checkweger CWF met geïntegreerde metaaldetector

Een ingebouwde Varicon metaaldetector vormt de dynamische checkweigher CWFmaxx om in een volledig inspectiesysteem overeenkomstig de HACCP, IFS, BRC en andere normen. De ijkwaardige combi checkweger verzorgt de kwaliteitswaarborg. De verpakkingsstroom wordt gecontroleerd door middel van vrij definieerbare of wettelijk bepaalde gewichtsklassen. Ontoelaatbare of beschadigde verpakkingen worden automatisch verwijderd uit de productielijn.

BIZERBA Compacte en precisieweegschalen

Bij de goederenontvangst, in de productie, voor de opslag of verzending: de eenvoudig te bedienen en ijkwaardige compacte weegschalen van Bizerba voldoen zeer efficiënt aan vele behoeften: zowel bij de controle, het verpakken, samenstellen en etiketteren en het maken van een inventaris als bij het verpakken, afleveren en documenteren.

BIZERBA Dynamische weger CWL-Eco flexx

Een perfecte procescontrole voor toepassingen met hoge snelheid en/of zware verpakkingen : de dynamische logistieke weegschalen CWL-Evo flexx en CWL-I bieden de perfecte oplossing voor uw behoeften. Ze kunnen eenvoudig geïntegreerd worden in intralogistieke transportsystemen en met de Bizerba software tool kunnen de instellingen en de parameters zeer snel ingevoerd worden.

BIZERBA Etiketteerder ELS330

De modulaire ELS 330 automatische etiketteerder is ontworpen voor het aanbrengen van voorbedrukte promo of sieretiketten. Deze worden volautomatisch aangebracht zowel bovenaan, onderaan als zijdelings.

BIZERBA Metaaldetectie

Snelle en betrouwbare detectie van alle ijzerhoudende en niet-ijzerhoudende metalen in verpakte en niet-verpakte stukgoederen. Compact metaaldetectiesysteem voor het onderzoeken van stukgoederen met een lading tot 50 kg. De robuuste transportbandconstructie in roestvrij staal garandeert de hoogste zoekgevoeligheid en stabiliteit. Om metaalhoudende verpakkingen automatisch te scheiden, is er optioneel een scheidingssysteem met pusher en scheiderreservoir …

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BIZERBA Vloer weegschalen

De eenvoudige en robuuste opbouw van de Bizerba vloer weegschalen zorgt voor een onderhoudsvrije en slijtvaste werking met een langdurige hoge nauwkeurigheid. De weegschalen van de iL Professional F/MP-serie kunnen naar keuze worden gebruikt: ingebouwd of vrijstaand, in zwartgelakt staal of in roestvrijstalen uitvoering. Optimaal geschikt voor vele toepassingen. Ondanks het grote scala aan varianten …

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BIZERBA Weeg-/etiketteerder, GLM-I evo

De nieuwe GLM-Ievo , het Bizerba hoge snelheids weeg/etiketteersysteem voor de voedingsindustrie, zorgt voor de realisatie van uw toekomstige objectieven. Met een capaciteit tot 200 verpakkingen/minuut en een modulaire constructie, biedt deze machine grenzeloze mogelijkheden binnen de voedingssector. Deze volledig geautomatiseerde weeg/etiketteermachine blinkt uit door haar flexibiliteit, robuustheid en onderhoudsvriendelijk design. Bovendien evolueert ze mee …

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BIZERBA X-ray inspectie systeem XRE

Het product inspectiesysteem XRE detecteert mits X-stralen alle vreemde objecten in producten, die door hun dichtheid, chemische onderdelen of mechanische afmetingen afwijken. Tijdens de productie kunnen talrijke detectie-opdrachten veilig uitgevoerd worden zoals het opsporen van metalen, glas, keramiek, steentjes, bot, PVC, Teflon, rubber, glasvezel, enz. in verpakte en niet-verpakte voedingswaren, alsook niet-magnetisch roestvrij staal en …

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Blik Verpakkingen

Blik Verpakking uit voorraad leverbaar! Vanaf 100 ml tot en met 30 Liter UN Gekeurd.

Block Bottom Bags

Block bottom bags, a touch of nostalgia. As an alternative to the box packaging, the block bottom bags are still a big success today. This is due to its rectangular bottom, giving the bag stability. With its artisanal image this bag is mainly used for flower, sugar, coffee, tea, biscuits, confectionery, cereals, etc. Block bottom …

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Block bottom bags with special bottom construction. The benefits are: • Block bottom is designed to create a stand up pack for ease of filling, palletisation and reduced slippage • Can be made air or water tight • Suitable for fully or semi-automatic filling lines • Several perforation options • Available in a wide variety …



This liner is developed to eliminate polythene entrapment which is a very common problem for food manufacturers. The block bottom feature is designed to create a perfect fit to any size of tray or box, thus resulting in less material being required. The benefits are: • The block bottom feature eliminates product loss due to …



Blue transparant BOPP

In view of HACCP, Global Flexibles now offers a single-layer blue coloured BOPP. Because the film is transparent the packaged product is perfectly visible. Due to this colour any film residues are easily identified after opening the package. This film can also be provided with a very good anti-fog coating and/or macro, micro, or laser …

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Booklet etiketten

Booklet labels Booklet Labels are self-adhesive labels containing an information carrier. A construction where multiple layers are joined together. These layers are not self-adhesive whereby a book effect is created. A booklet label offers plenty of space for information and is therefore well suited to, among other things, promotional purposes, product descriptions or user instructions. …

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Bottle setup systems

– fully automatic bottles and container setup systems – suitable for plastic bottles and containers from 50 ml to 5-litre jerry cans – speeds up to 250 units per minute – fast and easy to convert with a few changeable pieces – available with vacuum belt, terminal station, control panel, and anti-scratch finishing

Box Latch® – Carton closures

Box Latch® Products are a re-usable alternative to tape, staples, and strapping that have traditionally been used to close cardboard boxes. Operations and supply chain managers are able to reduce material costs (corrugated box and tape expenses) by anywhere from 10% to 90% following integration of Box Latch™ Products into their supply chain systems.

Box palletiser R-2000

The Lan Handling box palletiser is a high capacity palletising system which is able to place multiple boxes and multiple types of box on a pallet. – By preforming the pattern, various patterns can be placed on a pallet at high speed.

Box Palletizer VPM-BL

The VPM-BL is a low-level compact palletizer using sliding plates to accurately position boxes, crates, trays or bins of various sizes (even very small) on a pallet. The VPM-BL is available at a reasonable price providing reliable and efficient palletizing of box-type goods. Boxed goods are positioned and accumulated in the infeed section by a …

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Boxes and pallets

For each product the correct box! Antalis has a very wide range of cartons which are suitable to send your goods for example printed matter. For example, there are boxes with a single flute for light products (documents or pre-packaged products) or boxes with a double flute for heavier products. The boxes are available in …

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Braille Labels

Braille can be applied on labels by means of different techniques. On the label itself or on a carrier like clear – see through – material. As a consequence integration in design is easy and does not take additional space. We can also apply digitally transferred Braille-dots onto an ECL or flat label. The CCL …

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Branded Handles

If you want to strengthen the brand image of your packaging we are able to offer a handle branding facility. There are a number of different styles available. We can print directly on to a handle, we can emboss a handle as well as offering a printed / stitched webbing handle.

Bread bags

For packaging of bread, sandwiches, breadrolls or fruit, we supply the right quality both cPP as LDPE. Packing automatically or by hand, we offer all current sizes. Besides the standard sizes, we can produce bags in any dimension. Bags can be printed in flexo in up to 10 colours. A (perforated) window is optional.


BRIC is a servo-driven brick bag machine to create brick shaped bags from standing pouches created on a vertical form fill and seal machine with granular products like dried legumes.

Brrrilliant solutions in MAP, chilling and freezing

Air Products brings you the latest, most innovative solutions in cryogenic freezing, chilling, cooling and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Backed by over 50 years’ know-how in food processing, our Freshline® solutions help you to keep food fresher, longer.


DECA offers a wide choice of buckets for food and non-food products in different shapes and sizes. * Robust design for maximum load * Decoration with in mould labeling, screen printing or offset printing * Different colours are possible * Sealable, overlaying lids are available * 100 % recyclable These buckets are manufactured from top …

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Buffer systems

Buffers are available in many configurations, depending on what the situation requires. Buffers smooth out irregularities between machines, for instance between filler and labeler. FIFO buffers (First In First Out) are buffers that ensure that no mixing of the products can occur. This will strongly reduce the impact of a recall. The footprint can be …

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Brick Bundler, Model 095 Creating tight and compact foil bundles with different sizes and configurations is what this machine is made for. The design includes a grouping unit for utmost flexibility, a bundling machine and a low temperature shrinking tunnel for gentle product handling. Due to the air swirling system and the low temperature we …

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Bundling in the graphics industry

Perfect bundling and banding of any printed products, guaranteed without damage to your products – this is what you can achieve with Bandall banding. Tamper evident closure of boxes, packs and mailing parcels Printed banding showing all desired information (replacing printed boxes or labels) Is E-Commerce possible with 100% environmentally friendly packaging? Yes it is! …

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Ideal for thermal applications! Enjoy the convenience of versatility and perfect thermoforming capabilities with Schur Flexibles C-base bottom webs. The highly transparent C-base is a heat resistant PP semi rigid film suitable for the usage on conventional thermoforming machines, due to its excellent thermoforming properties. From 200 up to 350 µm our C-Base can also …

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Canderel back at Kornelis

Kornelis is proud to present the packaging for the Canderel brand in her range again. You can find these well recognizable sprinkle products in two different sizes on the shelves now. The cap is designed to fit perfectly to the design of the jar, a lightweigth sprinkle cap with two different sprinkle holes. The tamper …

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Capping machine

Capping machines from semi automatic till automatic closing in line


Cards. We produce all kinds of cards, with or without barcodes to luxury business cards. This can be done using a wide variety of techniques, including foil printing.We can provide a diverse range of cards (labels, business cards, promotional savings cards etc) in a wide variety of ways. Eye-catching and luxurious. We produce all kinds …

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Carmen Plus Inox

The Carmen Plus is a professional steam cleaner that is multi-usable because the unit can also suck alongside cleaning. The Carmen Plus is an indispensable tool for cleaning various applications in your production environment. Think of cleaning your production line, plumbing, floor surfaces etc. Why the Carmen Plus? – Has an automatic filling system – …

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The carrierbag is indispensable in almost every branche. By printing the carrierbag in a beautiful colour, the carrierbag can be used as an advertising medium. Oerlemans Plastics produces synthetic carrierbags in many designs and for many branches. Small ammounts for retailers or fairs and big ammounts for the big Retail chains.

Carry Handles for Packaging

Item Products plastic handles are designed to enhance the look and performance of your existing packaging and transportation solutions. We offer a large selection of high-quality handles in stock for pack weights up to 25kgs. Our Integra range is suitable for carrying home your wine boxes, children’s toys, domestic appliances, homewares, etc.

Carton and Tray formers

Carton erectors in different speeds up to 30, up to 60 or up to 120 boxes per minute. – Cartons and trays are formed by means of locking or by glue. – Many variations in carton constructions and carton sizes possible. – Quickly change. Most machines are demonstrated in the showroom in Eerbeek.

Carton closing machine CM90

A number of unique characteristics combined in one machine:   • Compact • Large size range • Format change within 2 minutes • Display with touch screen • Direct drive • Good price-quality ratio • Cardboard savings; Conveyor belts instead of carrier chains feed the cartons through the machine without any friction. As a result, …

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Cartoning machines (horizontal cartoning)

Simple horizontal cartoning. SA30 : manual erecting, automatic closing Twinseal: manual erecting, automatic closing E2000: automatic erecting and closing, manual or automatic closing, speed up to 25 cartons/minute Spartan: automatic erecting and closing, manual or automatic closing, speed up to 35 cartons/minute

Cartonning machines

The most flexible cartoning machine for smal and medium cartoning batches of tubes, bottels and various products into carton 20-60/min..

Case Report Forms

CCL Label Oss is specialized in producing CRF (case report form) study binders. Our binders are from a high quality with heavy duty mechanism. Not only our printers are programmed with postscript 3 also our collating machine is running on this Adobe printing software this way the collating process guarantees you the highest possible quality …

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Case Sealers

Idépack can offer you a complete range of Case Erectors, handling and Sealers

Chain conveyor – STRETCH LINE

The compact chain conveyor conveniently fits in any factory building. You can therefore install it in a tight corner or confined space. Or you may wish to reduce the number of square kilometres occupied by implementing sharp bends, thus acquiring additional space for other purposes. Our modular system is highly versatile. This enables us to …

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Chamber machines

MULTIVAC offers a uniquely wide range of vacuum machines to meet your individual requirements. Our range includes tabletop and free-standing units, double chamber machines and belted chamber machines. These machines dovetail seamlessly into your new or existing production environment, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of an automated packaging line. Reliability, durability and …

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Check weighing

Control weighers are an essential part of the production line, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. You can continuously check the weight of each product at high speed. If it appears that a product is above or below the set margin, the product is ejected. That way you can produce and package even more …

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A checkweigher ensures that every product leaving a production line is the right weight. They are key to ensuring manufacturers deliver quality products that promote high levels of customer satisfaction. Selling underweight products can result in companies being fined or subject to other penalties. Overweight products generate unnecessary and expensive product giveaway. Checkweighers can be …

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Circular blades

Durham-Duplex manufacture the full range of circular blades in their Sheffield Factory


Clear-Stack™ from Item Products, is a revolutionary new concept in performance stackable trays. Made from PET, the crystal clear trays are designed to be easy to store, easy to assemble and able to be flat packed for easy space saving shipping and storage. As a transparent tray, the Clear-Stack™ has widespread applications where identification of …

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CLEARPOINT® 3E compressed air filters

CLEARPOINT® 3E: Energy Efficient Element The CLEARPOINT® 3E filters have a much lower pressure difference, and therefore save energy costs dramatically.

Climate-Neutral Stand-Up Pouch

The first climate-neutral stand-up pouch for meat snacks. Winner of a 2017 German Packaging Award and a 2018 WorldStar Award! 1. Wipak replaced a metalized laminate with a paper composite, resulting in a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas potential and using 30% less energy from fossil fuels in the production of the package. The paper …

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CLIP BOX – Reusable boxes

The CLIP BOX makes it easier to package cumbersome products up to 5 tonnes. Thanks to its clip system, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be re-used many times. It is lighter than traditional wooden boxes. Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled. Maximum recommended dimensions: 6000 x …

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Clipband DuoColor

Closure Plastic closure made of polypropylene, reinforced with two straight wires on the edges. Available in wire thickness: 2/6 and 2/7. Use Specifically designed for use on all well known semi-and full-automatic clip packaging machines. Can be used for closing bags for bakery, pastry, confectionery, pasta and noodle products. Colours Standard colour with middle part …

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Clipband Paper

Closure Paper closure reinforced with two straight wires on the edges. Available in wire thickness 2/5, 2/6 and 2/7. Use On reels the closure is suitable for all well known automatic closing machines in industrial bakeries, confectioneries and pasta producers. For manual use available in cut lengths.


The CM35 three flap carton closing machine is a continuously operating, compact closer, working in an angle. The machine can be placed in line with for example the EM35 or F111 carton erecting machine. The CM35 is a flexible machine that can easily be adapted to your demands. Care has been taken regarding reliability, easy …



Coating doesn’t just match the appearance and improve the characteristics of a laminate in a single layer of film. It guarantees lower film costs and reduces production time. To give your packaging the right image, to ensure the longest possible shelf life and to improve processing on your packaging machines, we specialize in the application …

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Code-M Camera

With the integrated camera solution, which is a notch above the rest thanks to its simple operation and absolute accuracy, each marking is automatically verified and thus gives you the option of fast reaction times for the identification of quality changes of the marking. The direct connection between camera and printer offers you a number …

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Combimat multihead wegers

De Combimat 10- en 14-kops multihead wegers kenmerken zich door een hoge snelheid, nauwkeurigheid en een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteitverhouding. Daarnaast maken de vele variaties in uitvoeringen de multihead weger inzetbaar voor een grote keur aan verschillende producten en gewichten. De meeste toepassingen zijn voor het afvullen van consumenten verpakkingen zoals zakken, potten, schalen, doosjes etc. van …

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BOX ERECTING & BAG INSERTING TECHNOLOGY The CombiPlast case/box erector with bag inserter is a remarkable and unique machine which combines box erecting- & bag inserting technology in one compact solution. Feeding plano’s and prefabricated bags in, it provides you a bag in box ready to be filled with your product. This with a speed …

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Complete modular solution for packaging industry – MOVI-C®

MOVI-C® is the complete solution for your automation tasks. With the four modules – engineering software, control technology, inverter technology and drive technology – SEW-EURODRIVE provides a comprehensive modular automation system from a single source.

complete program

In the brochure you will find a complete programm of the machines.

Complex label constructions

Turn a necessity into an advantage. Turn information into promotion. Make your messages more engaging. Replace your loose leaflet with a more attractive, fixed and cost-effective booklet label. There’s a wide variety of materials and techniques we can apply to create labels of up to 72 pages. We can help you save by going for …

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Scanbelt Conveyma is your “One stop shop” when it comes to components to complete or optimize your transport system or machine. We have long experience in the development and production of conveyor track components, particularly from PA and stainless steel. Our items are fully designed, produced and tested to the highest quality standards and made …

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Concept 500

Self adhesive label applicator * Operates at speeds up to 250/min * Freestanding or conveyor-mounted * Quick release fittings for fast label changeover * Robust construction arduous environments * Servo motor label drive


We offer you far more than a simple label – we support our customers with individual tailored labeling solutions across a wide variety of industries and environments. Whether you’re responsible for a distribution centre, a retail outlet or warehouse. Whether your industry is food, logistics, personal care, chemical or pharmaceutical. Whether you’re a supplier, manufacturer …

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thread, crepe, fillercord, needles, oil, …

Consumables & Labels

In addition to our systems, we offer you a wide range of labels and thermal-transfer ribbons. We supply simple paper labels, polyester and polypropylene labels as well as special labelling materials for virtually all applications and products. Our focus is thereby clearly on quality and readability. To achieve the best results, Logopak uses high-quality consumables …

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Containers and trays with lid

DECA offers you an extensive range of containers and trays with a good lid fit. * Suitable for food * Available from stock * Suitable for multiple purposes * Perfectly destackable for automatic processing * 100 % recyclable * Coloured or highly transparent * High quality offset printing * IML decoration – in high gloss …

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Continuous InkJET system, AlphaJet Mondo®

The compact alphaJET mondo is fully tailored to meet practical requirements and performs excellently. It is so easy to use that it will fascinate you. It does everything better than any other in its class.

Control & Inspection

Food safety is essential in the food industry. Our control and inspection systems enable efficient quality control in your production line and provide flawless products, packaging and labeling. You can think of weight checking of your products and packaging (possibly e-weighing) as well as detecting metals and other materials in your products.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts and toothed belts offer the solution for easy transport of various goods. This way your product flow can be optimized quickly and easily. The modular transport systems can be flexibly used for an efficient adaptation of your current system or for expansion. Our experienced engineers can offer you informal advice or draw the …

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Conveyor belts

We build heavy duty, durable stainless steel conveyor belts for transporting a wide range of products and packaging. Our conveyor belts are delivered including adjustable side guides and support legs, and can be supplied in three different variants: slat chain conveyors, mat-top conveyors, and belt conveyors. Slat chain conveyors can move products quickly to and …

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Conveyor chains

ScanBelt Conveyma B.V. has a wide range of high-quality conveyor chains and related accessories at a very favorable price-quality ratio due to its many years of experience and knowledge. Diversity in type as well as materials and accessories make our program very complete and suitable for almost every sector. We supply chains in plastic and …

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Cord Handles

Cord Handles suitable for both boxes and bags. A range of colours, quality and finishes, available. Cut to any length with metal or plastic barbs or knotted finishing.

CP 350 & CP 350 Plus

The CP 350 and CP 350 PLUS machines are suitable for packing a wide variety of food and non-food products. They work seamlessly with a variety of weighing and dosing systems, and are also very suitable for manual filling. The stainless steel machines are designed with reliability, flexibility and hygiene in mind. Thanks to their …

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Crate erector EPS crates

Automate the folding of crates with the crate erector of Lan Handling. – Suitable for EPS and Delhaize crates – Speed; 600 * 400 => 20-22 crates per min 300 * 400 => 36-38 crate per min – The dirt is removed by tilting the crate – Bad crates are automatically removed – Changeover time …

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Crate palletiser R-2000

High capacity palletising system with a high payload and motion speed. Ideally suited to loading pre-stacked crates or containers onto pallets from multiple production lines. – From 5 to 200 kilos – Capacity up to 20 units per minute – Automatic and quick change-over time

Crate stacker

We use this Lan Handling crate stacker in fully automated production lines. The stacker is suitable for stacking 600 * 400 crates in various configurations, after which a robot picks up the crates.


Crispy stands for a crunchy, strong glossy quality. Crispy film is a blend of the most modern granules which are extruded on our modern extrusion lines. As a result of the blend composition, the material is very stiff, and has a comparable presentation value to polypropylene. The costumer will associate your product with freshness because …

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CS-300 / CS-1000 Case Sealer

The CS-300 / CS-1000 Case Top Sealer Tape are Case Sealer machines from the Lantech CS-Series. All standard equipment use proven techniques from the Lantech’s machine program. With this very compact Case Sealer it is possible to handle a large number of different sizes with a high degree of reliability. Therefore the price / performance …

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Cushioning & Void filling

A wide range for extra protection of fragile products such as bubble wrap, foam, padding paper, air cushions and corner and foam profiles. Antalis Packaging has a large assortment for cushioning and void fill materials to prtect your goods. Our offer aanbod is made possible through strong partnerships with leading companies in this field such …

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D620i | Laser coding

De optimale combinatie tussen hoge prestatie, snelheid en flexibiliteit De D620i laser heeft meer vermogen en snelheid. Dit, in combinatie met de IP65 uitvoering (optioneel), resulteert in een laser die zeer geschikt is voor de meest veeleisende productieomgevingen en toepassingen. Enkele voorbeelden zijn verpakkingen in de drankenindustrie, serienummering en 2D datamatrix codes. De hoge snelheidscapaciteit …

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DASH – Dynamic Accumulation by Shuttleworth

DASH from Shuttleworth offers dynamic, continuous motion accumulation with minimized product damage – providing increased efficiency and consistent gentle product handling. Featuring Shuttleworth’s innovative Slip-Torque® roller technology, the versatile DASH delivers high-speed, low back pressure buffering to control received product from upstream and absorb any interruptions in the flow to make the downstream run more …

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Dataflex 6330/6530 Thermal Transfer Overpinter with iAssure-technologie

The 6330 and 6530 with iAssure are the latest Dataflex® Thermal Transfer Overprinters where uptime, performance and throughput have been identified as critical to your goals. They combine consistent code accuracy with the latest technology, to reduce time spent on quality checks, packaging waste and rework, giving you a more productive operation. • Fully integrated …

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Datalogger METPOINT® BDL

METPOINT® BDL and METPOINT® BDL compact are innovative graphic display recorders for the recording of the parameters for compressed-air and gas applications.

DaybyDay® thermo forming packaging

Daybyday® Our innovative response to modern convenience solutions The DaybyDay® concept offers separately packed single portions, which hang together like a chain. Each securely sealed cavity can be removed from the other with minimum force by means of a perfectly cut perforation, to allow for daily consumption of fresh products. The practical DaybyDay® solution can …

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De Frisse Fabriek

De Frisse Fabriek = comfort + productiviteit + kostenbesparing Colt introduceert De Frisse Fabriek. Een nieuwe visie op het werkklimaat in fabrieken en productiehallen. Met oplossingen die leiden tot schone lucht, voldoende licht en een aangename temperatuur. De voordelen daarvan zijn duidelijk: minder verzuim, minder fouten, hogere productiviteit en betere resultaten. En vooral: meer werkplezier, …

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DECA EDS Electrical Dosing System

Electrical dosing system for filling all pumpable products: liquid, pastes and mixes with solid pieces. . Plug & Play 220 V . Maintenance without tools . High precision & speed

Decatrays ® – Sealable containers and trays

DECA has a large range of rigid sealable containers and trays. * Suitable for vacuum and gas flush (MAP) options * Overlaying lids available for a large number of dimensions * Perfectly destackable for automatic processing * Easy to recycle Please, contact us for pasteurisation and sterilisation applications.


Dekselautomaten plaatsen vanuit een magazijn automatisch deksels op schalen. Automatisering van verpakkingslijnen neemt steeds verder toe, met name door de steeds grotere capaciteit en efficiency. Zo komt bijvoorbeeld het automatisch dekselen van schalen op verpakkingslijnen steeds meer voor in onder andere de noten-, koek-, kaas- en vleesindustrie en daarvoor is een speciale expertise noodzakelijk. Verschillende …

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Plug and Play. The most advantageous in the market. Suitable for aluminum and plastic. Recommended by AluPeT food packaging.

Denesters food industry

Our high-performance traysealers can be easily integrated into existing production lines, and allow for hassle-free synchronization with auxiliary equipment. SEALPAC traysealers guarantee unbeatable quality and product safety. However, the more automated your production becomes, the bigger the need for precise detail analysis, ensuring flawless synchronization to meet the stringent requirements of retailers and consumers. The …

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Desktop printers

Besides inline printing, many labels are prepared from the office or in a ‘print shop’with industrial desktop printers. Then these are automatically or manually applied in production. In logistics, these printers are frequently used for printing internal transport labels and shipping labels. With us you can find the best industrial desktop printers on the market. …

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Desktop printers

Our compact desktop printing system require minimum maintenance and are specifically designed for the manually application of labels. Their sturdy, mechanical construction makes them particularly suitable for use as back-up systems. Alternatively, desktop printing systems can be used for the semi-automated application of RFID tags. In this case, the Serial Shipping Container Code SSCC on …

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Diamondlabels inkjet media

Diamondlabels inkjet media is known for its fantastic print result, durability and overall quality when used in combination with the Epson Colorworks inkjet technology.

Digital printing

Possibilities of digital printing for flexible packaging? Vitrapack has been following the trends in digital printing up close for over ten years now. After visiting the DRUPA-conference in 2016 we presented you our vision on digital printing. The conclusion? Printing everything digitally for flexible food packaging is not yet economically interesting. But Vitrapack is future-oriented …

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Digitally printed labels

Digitally printed labels. We produce high quality digital labels, printed using the latest digital label printing technology. Digital printing seems invented for full-colour printing self-adhesive labels on rolls, sheets or cut loose. To get additional quick to help, we have a lot of dies in stock, but any other format possible. Submitting done digitally and …

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Direct Thermal labels

Fangda Direct Thermal Labels have merits of high sensitivity, ultra-white and high print contrast facestock for good quality images, maximum printability and reliable error-free scans. No ribbon is required; more cost effective and environment friendly. Our Direct Thermal Labels are ideal for case labeling, receiving, shipping and work-in-process labels etc.

Display Hooks

A range of display hooks – all lengths and fixing types available.

DL-70 Dolly Loader

Save physically demanding work and costs by loading your carriers in a simple and robust manner. – Flexible pick and place robot for loading bags, egg boxes or other products into display containers (800 x 600) and crates (600 x 400 & 400 x 300). – The latest design of robot gripper and infeed arrangement …

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The alternative for pouch bags. The Doculabel is a system which allows you to paste a (shipping) document easily. The advantages over a transparent mailing envelope are that you work significantly faster and that you have no more waste.

Dolly & Crate loader

Save physically demanding work and costs by loading your carriers in a simple and robust manner. – Just one robot for both dollies and crates – Up to 80 bags p/min – Optional vibration unit to optimise loading

Doseer- en afvulsystemen

Nauwkeurige afvulling van homogene en verpompbare producten. Homogene producten, maaltijdcomponenten en overige voedingsmiddelen kunnen nauwkeurig worden afgevuld en verpompbare producten zoals sauzen, dressing of soepen precies worden gedoseerd met verschillende doseer- en afvulsystemen, zowel als stand-alone als in combinatie met verpakkingslijnen. Altijd de juiste oplossing Ultrapak werkt samen met verschillende gespecialiseerde producenten van doseer- en …

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Dosing valve

Pneumatic dosing valve for dosing liquid products in a range of various packages. This dosing valve is equipped with a membrane seal, which makes cleaning of the dosing valve easy. The dosing valve is available with different sizes for input and output.


Who we are Dotec is a family owned company that always puts the customer first. We are accessible, reliable, flexible and servient. We mutually develop new technologies and products with our customers through knowledge, experience and guts. We are the global total supplier of bespoke solutions offering a broad portfolio of standard developed LiftAssists for …

Dotec Read More »

Doypack / Standup Pouch

Stand up pouches (doypacks) provide a true revolution in the packaging world: they have a high ease of use and can be used for numerous applications including pasty and liquid products such as sauces, soup, cosmetic gels, soap, etc. Our doypacks are custom made and can be provided with: reclosable ZIP degassing valve eurolock handle …

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ICS droogijs is de centrale productielocatie van Air Liquide Benelux Industries en de specialist in droogijs, geïsoleerde verpakkingen en gelpacks. Wij zijn uniek door ons droogijs met FSSC 22000-voedselveiligheidscertificaat. Daarnaast heeft ICS haar eigen expressdienst, voor het versturen van tijd en temperatuur kritische koelvers en diepvries zendingen wereldwijd. ICS beheerst hiermee de volledige logistieke koudeketen …

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Dry ice blaster IBL 3000

Clean your production process effectively and environmentally friendly with a compact, strong machine? The IBL 3000 dry ice blaster can support you and clean your production process effectively and environmentally friendly. The added value of dry ice blasting compared to steam cleaning is that it tackles very stubborn surfaces, whereby the dry ice blaster is …

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Dry ice blaster IBL Mini

Clean your production process effectively and environmentally friendly with a compact, strong machine? The IBL mini dry ice blaster can support you and cleans your production process effectively and environmentally friendly for smaller jobs. The added value of dry ice blasting compared to steam cleaning is that it tackles very stubborn surfaces, whereby the dry …

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Dry-ice re-packing

Cool Chain Logistics within National Air Cargo is seen as the all-in service package for transporting chilled and frozen products. From loaded at shippers location untill final delivery to consignee. Every single step is monitored, controlled and kept at required temperature. During Empack we will show you most recent examples accompanied by corresponding TMD reports.

DRYPOINT M membraandroger

Drypoint M membrane dryers are the most energy efficient point-of-use dryer. They are very suitable for small capacities.

DRYPOINT® RA refrigeration dryer

Low pressure fridge dryers for efficient transport of dried matter. Also high pressure versions available, eco-dryers (variable speed and cycle) as well as standard fridge dryers.

DS-1500 Crate De-Stacker

Our stacker/destacker excel in simplicity. – For all types of plastic returnable supermarket crate. – The DS-1500 de-nests 600×400 and 300×400 crates at speeds of up to 25 crates per minute. – Stainless steel construction suitable for use in wet environments and servo control for smooth operation. – Huge ergonomic benefits – Connection with Automated …

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De snelle en compacte printoplossing voor productie-, POS- en POI-toepassingen De DTM CX86e is ‘s werelds kleinste LED-tonerprinter met droog toner en helpt bedrijven om veelzijdige en professionele kleurlabels en -labels te produceren die de marketing-impact ten opzichte van standaard zwart-wit thermische prints maximaliseren. Of het nu gaat om vouchers, coupons, bonnen met toegevoegde waarde, …

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Duo labels

Need more space? With a duo label you can print on 3 sides of the label. Open and close multiple times because the label is resealable.

Duo trayseal packaging

Sealpac Duo® Maximum flexibility without changeover times With SEALPAC Duo®, you are able to seal two different packs in one operation with just a single tooling. In addition, the SEALPAC Duo® concept increases flexibility by providing the possibility of separate use. By means of a handle, each sealing package can be activated or deactivated, so …

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Duplex Turbo steam scrubber

Duplex Turbo is a new compact steam scrubber machine with battery traction. The machine is specially designed for use on all floor areas, including carpets. Besides, the double counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, combined with a special “mechanical” recovery system, ensure that the Duplex Turbo washes, brushes and dries at the same time. In this way, the …

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Dutch Pack Doypacks

Dutch Pack delivers the optimal doypack for your product, machine and process. Because of its good standing properties, the Doypack is very suitable for packaging all conceivable products. Preformed Doypacks are now used everywhere because of their great flexibility in design and size. They can be produced with virtually all (barrier) materials, making them suitable …

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Dutch Pack Packaging film on reel

Dutch Pack supplies the optimal film for your product, machine and process. Roll film is the general collective name for flexible packaging films. The films are delivered – laminated or not – on rolls, and formed and filled on the machine into a packaging. Foils offer many possibilities due to the wide variety of packaging …

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Dutch Pack spout pouches

Dutch Pack delivers the optimal spout pouch for your product, machine and process. A Spout pouch is a preformed bag in which a spout is applied. This is a (resealable) pouring, drinking or dispensing spout made of hard plastic, which is sealed in the bag. Spout Pouches are often used as stand-up pouches because these …

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Dynamic Accumulation System by Shuttleworth

What’s DASH? DASH is the latest innovation from Shuttleworth providing dynamic accumulation for today’s manufacturers. Dynamic Accumulation by Shuttleworth •Continuous motion accumulation, with minimized product damage – delivering gentle product handling •Collaborative Conveyor featuring innovative Slip-Torque® roller technology •Servo controlled guides provides smooth lane changing without stopping product(s) •Flexible integration, scalable design based on product …

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E-cap – light weight closures

New range of light weight standard twist off caps, now available in 63 – 66 – 70 – 77 and 82 mm. Available with printed tamper evident seal. Choose from a wide range of standard colours and high gloss translucent materials. The E-caps will be soon available with in mould labels also.As an added benefit, …

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This product is especially designed to provide a safe and hygienic solution for the packing of food ingredients. Traditionally all ingredients packed into either paper or polythene sacks have required a knife to open the top, prior to pouring the product into the mixer. This can create a huge risk on contamination with paper or …


EasyLid® trayseal packaging

EasyLid® More is Less SEALPAC’s unique EasyLid® packaging system, developed in close cooperation with Naber Plastics, provides a hermetic seal and full lid function in just one sealing process. As such, SEALPAC not only creates the optimal requirements for consumer-friendly packaging, but also takes on responsibility in terms of sustainability. Advantages at a glance: Highly …

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EasyPeelPoint innovatieve opener-sytem for trayseal and thermovorm packaging

A new development concerns the use of two-compartment skin trays, where each compartment is sealed individually. Sealing takes place by means of SEALPAC’s unique OnTrayCut system, which was specifically developed for skin applications. This guarantees an immaculate presentation at retail, both from a visual and tactile point of view. Due to the perforation between the …

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ESPERA is official distributor for EASYPRINT in the Benelux. We provide for a full range of TTO printers and supplies.

Eazywrap dispenser

We introduce our new plastic dispenser: Eazy wrap dispenser. Thsi dispenser comes in only one size: 45 cm, but can hold 30 or 45 cm rolls in the same system. The refill comes in 4 different materials: Plastic pvc film, aluminium foil, oven film and baking paper.

Eco Labeller

With Logopak’s Eco- Labeller you will have the highest flexibility, longer roll running times, lower logistics costs and on top of it all the Eco Labeller is environmentally friendly. The waste is reduced due to the elimination of poorly recyclable silicone paper backing and there is a considerable reduction in Co2 emissions. The products can …

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Efficient and food-safe processing

Protect your vurnerable end products with the use of suitable work material. This way you reduce the chance of product recalls due to contamination or foreign materials.

Egatec Case Packers

Geautomatiseerde machines voor het verpakken, pelletiseren en intern transporteren van producten aan het einde van een verpakkingslijn. Succesvol zijn de A-one Case Packers die het secundaire verpakkingsproces automatiseren. Producten kunnen volautomatisch in open of gesloten dozen en kratten verpakt worden. Ongeacht hoe de producten worden verpakt in bijvoorbeeld punnets, clamshells, topseal verpakkingen, pillow bags of …

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eine A-Marke Tray Sealer®

SEALPAC has the right machine for every requirement: from our semi-automatic M1 up to the fully automated traysealing unit A10 in double lane construction. All machines, however, are characterized by simple operation, optimal hygiene and secure technology. Standard features, for example, are: Easy operation with touch screen panel High sealing pressure Tooling quick exchange system …

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Encapsulated Label

This label provides the premium protection for your brochures and/or samples. This label carries your promotions in a durable, lamination pouch. This protective feature is an effective labelling solution where weather conditions or durability are important considerations to your product’s performance. The Encapsulated label also affords the use of a promotion packed booklet combined with …

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Energy – labeller

Automatic labeling machine for labels 100, 200and 300 mm wide. Energy is equipped with an innovative multitasking electronics that, through encoder, manages multiple functions simultaneously. The new hybrid stepper motor allows optimum control on label distribution and tolerance range close to zero on stop. The wide range accessories available allows ad hoc configuration according to …

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Engineering plastics

Thermoplastics are increasingly being used in machines and installations for internal transport purposes, among other things. They promote sliding capacity and play an important role in reducing wear and friction, which ultimately contributes to a lower energy consumption and therefore results in cost savings. PE (Polyethylene) is the most common material due to its high …

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Engineering Tool LASAL

The unique engineering tool LASAL offers object oriented programming with client-server technology. The innovative result reduces the development time significantly and enables fast, problem-free realization of machine concepts. An essential attribute of the automation software is the graphic representation. At a glance, a complete overview of the project, functions, data traffic and interfaces is available. …

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Combineer de stevigheid van een brievenbusdoos met het gemak van een verzendenvelop en je hebt de Envelobox. Onze nieuwe, ecovriendelijke verzendverpakking. Er is geen verzendverpakking die handmatig sneller en gemakkelijker te vullen is dan de Envelobox. Buiten het supersnel verzendklaar maken van je zending zijn er nog meer voordelen: • Past door iedere brievenbus in …

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Enzymatic cleaning products

Enzymatic cleaning is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of cleaning that can be used for various applications like the cleaning of heavily contaminated equipment, surfaces or contamination in pipes. Enzymes are very specific, natural proteins that accelerate a bioreaction. They are non-living proteins that become active as soon as they get in touch with …

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EP 250

The EP 250 form, fill and seal machine is optimized for creating bags from a flat film off of a reel and is suitable for packing many types of food as well as non-food products. It can also be used for manual filling. Due to its compact design and small footprint the EP 250 can …

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Epsilon Square Grip Range

Epsilon Square Grip Range The new Epsilon Square Grip range is Graham Packaging’s new full range of 4 jars, suitable for any sort of foodstuff. The jars are particularly popular for all kind of herbs and spices. The jars have a 63mm neck finish and range from 300 ml up to 1000ml in volume. These …

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Epson Colorworks TM-C3500

Whether you’re printing labels, tickets or tags, the ColorWorks C3500 (TM-C3500) is designed to help your business print a wide variety of colourful labels in-house. Featuring high-quality print speeds of up to 103mm/sec and individual pigment ink cartridges, your business can save money on outsourcing label production, by printing labels on-demand.

Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500

Colorworks Epson TM -C7500 The new Colorworks C7500 is the ultimate device for the production of high quality color labels in-house, which allows manufacturers time and save money. With the ability to print custom labels in short runs on demand also saves on the cost of this device for printing . With the Epson C7500 …

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Epson Colorworks TM-C7500(G)

Aimed at customers for whom durable prints are key and who primarily want to print onto matte media, the C7500 is the ultimate in short-run colour label printing. Manufacturers can now reliably and cost-effectively meet their in-house labelling needs with outstanding speed and quality. The C7500 can also help eliminate the costs associated with pre-printing …

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ErgoPack Air

Ergonomic pallet strapping system for raised pallets. With the height adjustable “Air” also high-standing pallets can be strapped now in an ergonomic way, standing upright and without bending down. This is allowed by a patented levitating double ChainLance. The double ChainLance can be adjusted steplessly up to 580mm height. Furthermore, by means of two ultrasonic …

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ErgoPack X-pert Line

X-treme ergonomic X-treme comfortable X-treme process reliable The X-pert Line sets the new benchmark. Advanced electronics and newly designed touchscreens on the sealing head and the strapping system guarantee the user interface being intuitive. Also in terms of ergonomics, the X-pert Line sets a new standard.

ESPERA Controlewegers

Controlewegers van ESPERA zijn specifiek voor de leven-middelen verwerkende en producerende industrie inzetbaar en overtuigen door een robuust en modulair ontwerp, hoge nauwkeurigheid en intuïtieve bediening van de machine. Daarmee de perfecte oplossing om de productie-efficiëntie te verhogen, de giveaways te verkleinen en overvulling of ondervulling te verminderen. De controleweger kan zowel gebruikt worden voor …

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ESPERA labelling machines

Labels determine the look of your products. For a perfect label adaption to the product you will find the right machine at ESPERA. We have label machine for applying labels: Manual From the top From the top and the bottom From the bottom Lateral From two sides From three sides Wrap around

ESPERA Vision system

ESPERA developed a cost-effective Vision Control System that verifies packed food – but also every other packing – fully automatic according to different criteria by the use of high-resolution line scan cameras. Thereby a 100 % control of packed and labelled products with absolute precision can be realised at high speed.

eTray® trayseal packaging innovation

eTray® Less plastic, more communication and 100% reliable eTray® by SEALPAC is an innovative and sustainable packaging. solution for meat, poultry, seafood and convenience products under modified atmosphere. The high-quality cardboard base, which can be fully printed on the inside and outside, hence allowing for attractive designs and offering plenty of space for communication, has …

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EUMOS 40509

A new European directive, the EUMOS 40509, has been introduced since 2018. The liability in case of damage shifts from the carrier to the producer. Manufacturers are forced to package their products in a more stable way. To achieve this, a reliable, flexible and variably adjustable pallet wrapper is required. STREMA® is a producer of …

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Evolabel: high-end automatic labeling at variable heights

The Evolabel print & apply labeling machines from Codipack guarantee reliable, qualitative labeling of products on automatic production lines. Think of labels with barcodes, shelf life data, ingredient lists, lot numbers, weight, … In-line real-time labeling at variable heights. Label contactlessly at high speed. – Real-time labeling. – Easy to integrate into the production line. …

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EXBOX – Single-use boxes

The EXBOX is extremely solid thanks to its design, the plywood assembly system and the steel corner pieces. It is light and easy to assemble and handle. Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled. Maximum recommended dimensions: 800 x 600 x 600 mm. Advantages of the EXBOX : – Delivered and …

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Expanded Content Labels

The Expanded Content Label (ECL) contains more copy areas than an ordinary label. ECLs are constructed as a multi-ply label or as a booklet label which combines a pressure-sensitive label and a loose, folded outsert. ECLs offer such benefits as increased space for information, adaptability to virtually any container, tamper evident devices, and reseal features …

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Extreme – labeller

Automatic labeling machine for labels 100, 200 and 300 mm wide, optionally extendable up to 200 m/min., for applications that require high frequencies and maximum accuracy. The new hybrid stepper motor allows optimal control on label distribution and tolerance range close to zero on stop. The labeling machine is equipped with a an innovative multitasking …

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F220i Fiberlaser

Why F-Series Laser? For high precision, permanent marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials. Boasting a laser beam spot size that’s approximately ten times finer and sharper than other laser coding products. Tailor the beam strength to suit your materials, up to powerful high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW, …

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F720i Fiberlaser

The F720i is Domino’s latest addition to its range of high-performance, high-speed fibre lasers. Capable of delivering high-quality codes onto 100,000 cans per hour, this laser marking system is focused on delivering the requirements of the high speed beverage canning sector. The unique 3D power concentration can achieve this kind of superior coding through fibre …

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Fast tray de-nester -destacking punnits for small batches

A de-nesting machine for all kind of carton and plastic punnets with a speed up to 120 punnets/ minute. You can switch fully automatically from one batch to another within 1 min. All setting are controlled by a simple touchscreen display. Destacking – denesting – punnits – trays


The FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or Big-Bag is made from woven PP fabric and used for transport and storage of industrial products and agricultural products.

Fill Seal 2500

The Fill Seal 2500 filler/sealer machine with rotary table is suitable for small and medium production outputs. It is very flexible thanks to the numerous options that can be mounted on, such as: lid placer, CIP connection on the doser, laminar flow hood. The motions of the machine are mechanically controlled by a cam system …

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Filling machines

Allround-Engineering offers a new GMP series of filling machines for filling pasty and liquid products. From semi-automatic setups for penetrating liquids to integrated in a line. Quick cleaning and accurate dosing are the key-words for these machines. A unique design makes it possible to use the machine for dosing pasty products for top filling and …

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Film packaging

NNZ offers a broad portfolio of mono- and multilayer film materials for agricultural and industrial markets.The materials are available as flatfilm, single bags or bags on the roll.

Flat Bags (2 or 3 seals)

Flat bags with 2 or 3 seals are especially used for the fish, meat and cheese industry. These bags can be provided with a reclosable ZIP.

Flat cone shaped pouch

Some pouches have a special shape. This also applies to this flat cone shaped pouch for various fruit fillings for Zeelandia. During the development process towards the perfect pouch for this customer, it became clear quickly that they were looking for a cone shaped pouch. This special shape ensures high ease of use, since the …

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Flesgeschenkverpakking | draagbaar en duurzaam

Deze flesverpakking is niet alleen te gebruiken voor het eindejaarsgeschenk, maar voor elk vier-moment, het hele jaar door. Met weinig materiaal kleed je zo een wijnfles origineel aan. De verpakking is bovendien gemakkelijk te personaliseren.

Flexible food packaging materials

Meda-Pak is producent van flexibel verpakkingsmateriaal voor het verpakken van levensmiddelen, zoals: plastic (PVC) folie, aluminiumfolie, plastic (PE) folie, magnetron folie, braadzakken, aluminium bakken, huishoud rollen, vlees folie, kaas folie, wrapmaster producten. Levering aan groothandel en grootverbruik zowel onder eigen merk: “fresh and eazy” , maar ook als private label.

Flexible packaging

Name it pouch, sachet, bag or pack: you can give it many functions and use it for a wide range of products: food, cosmetics, medicines, household… Just like labels, the choice in substrates and printing techniques is highly varied. At Reynders, we’ll think along with you to come up with the best possible solution – …

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FlexiClose(re) AM X

Your product – always fresh and presented in an appealing way. More sustainability due to recyclable packaging systems and the avoiding of food waste. Convenience put to a higher level – with easy opening and reclose functionality. All this and much more is what you get with FlexiClose! Schur Flexibles has developed recloseable sealing layers, …

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FlexiFlow(re) X

The extra strong recyclable flow wrap and SUP packaging! Through recycling we can get the most out of the raw materials invested into the production of packaging films. FlexiFlow(re) X – a pure polyolefin based flow wrap and SUP film – has been developed by Schur Flexibles to help working towards a circular economy: It …

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Fleximatisation with TechNikkels

Go fleximate: no format parts, no change-over time! During the Empack, TechNikkels will present two new innovative packaging machines. These machines will help filling companies and distribution centers to increase their flexibility while reducing costs. A great example is the FL-Multi Case Erector. These machines are designed to set up American folding boxes of different …

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Flexographic printing

We have 3 ultra-modern, high-performance flexographic printing machines (Bobst) at our disposal. They can print up to 10 colours with a maximum printing width of 1250mm. We print in full colour, with a fixed colour palette, in special Pantone colours, in High Definition … and we prepare everything digitally (digital flexo). We also use photopolymer …

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Flip-top pouring cap for soya

Kornelis recently developed a flip-top pouring cap for soya sauce which has a tamper evidence feature. For glass jars it includes a Snap-on system as well as having an easy, re-sealable opening action.

Floor cleaner Duplex Steam

The strength of a Duplex floor cleaner is that it is a cleaning method that saves water and is also suitable for all types of floors. Also for small spaces. A duplex floor cleaner works on the basis of steam. It offers several advantages: – Steam disinfects (death bacteria) – Deep cleaning, removes the most …

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The Flow has an integrated touch screen with 200 programs, allowing for simple operation and control. The machine can be washed down completely on the outside and inside of the frame and has an IP rating of IP67 through the entire machine and IP69K on the servomotors. FLOW highlights: – EHEDG; stainless steel; hygienic design …

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FlowAir mini

Een heel ‘slim’ luchtmes! Bespaart energie! De FlowAir Mini genereert zijn eigen werkdruk! Dit autonoom functionerende luchtmes werkt onafhankelijk van het persluchtnet en is eenvoudig te plaatsen. Toepassingen: Afblazen en drogen van producten t.b.v. labelen, etiketteren, printen of coderen Koelen van camera’s Afblazen van stof Afblazen van fijne metaaldeeltjes etc. Zonder afhankelijk te zijn van …

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Flowpack Films

The excellent flowpack films from MMF Transparant are suitable for all vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) flowpack machines. In the food processing industry products are frequently packaged under modified atmosphere. This to extend the shelf life of the product and maintain quality. In the fruit and vegetable industry, there are a lot of products where …

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Flowpack films, HFFS/VFFS

Films for flow pack and transwrap for any food application. Can be printed in up to 10 colours. Triple-laminates for e.g. coffee packaging.

Flowpack verticaal

Het Packhuys is distributeur van GIC verticale flowpackmachines. GIC biedt een uitgebreid assortiment verticale vorm- vul en sluitmachines, geschikt voor vele verpakkingsvarianten en formaten. GIC biedt intermitterende of continue bewegingstechnologieën en gebruikt de allernieuwste servoaandrijvingen en besturingssystemen. Van een kleine pneumatische CUB tot een grote GIC5000, of een GIC3000 met een output tot 150 zakken …

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FM 200 is a machine developed to pack fresh food products in a Flow-Pack (pillow pack) style bag with three seals. The new FM 200 family is the result of ULMA’s commitment to innovation and technological development. The result of this ongoing process has given rise to a new family of machines, providing improved performance …


Foil Printing

Foil Printing. Foil printing is a relief printing technique using a magnesium cliché. This cliché is heated and presses the foil on almost every surface. We have 20 Newfoil machines that are in perfect condition. With this impressive machine park we print metallic colors (such as gold and silver), digitally pre-printed labels, from roll to …

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Als ergens kwaliteit en snelheid de beslissende factoren zijn, is het wel in uw branche. De producten die u verpakt, moeten aan de strengste eisen op het gebied van voedselveiligheid voldoen. Bovendien is de omloopsnelheid van foodproducten hoog. De productie staat nooit stil. Tenminste, als u kunt vertrouwen op de verpakking van uw producten. Aan …

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This reliable, robust machine has a greater sealing capacity and sealing area compared to the FoodPack Basic model. Ilpra ProGas technology – a standard feature in this model – ensures higher production speed and consequently also a higher production rate. The compact, stainless steel FoodPack Energy model has a work area of 395 x 265 …



FoodPack M7 is a fully automated in-line packaging machine designed for high production volumes. It offers a 700 mm wide sealing area and can perform operations such as sealing only, vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and skin sealing. Due to its innovative design, FoodPack M7, which is equipped with an electromechanical E-Mec motion system …

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FoodPack Speedy is a fully automated in-line model. Built in stainless steel and IP65 rated, Speedy is designed to cut running costs to a minimum. Reliability, ease of cleaning and servicing, facilitated programming and high customization are just some of its strengths. lpra ProGas technology – a standard feature in this model – ensures higher …


For the Perfect Pack

Accurate, efficient end-of-line systems * Labeling * Weigh price labeling * Checkweighing * Packing and collating * Quality inspection

Forest Matter

While PEFC certification is part of the license to operate for many companies along the timber and paper supply chain, why forest certification matters is not clear to others. Why are forests important, what does PEFC deliver, how can my company contribute? These questions are answered in a new 2-minute video recently launched by PEFC.

Formaataanpassing 2.0

Het rendement van uw machine wordt mede bepaald door snellere omsteltijden en de juiste feedback van de machine. De nieuwe AP10-en AP10S-instellingen van SIKO vervullen daarin een hoofdrol. Doordat de machineoperator overzichtelijk en helder de informatie uitleest en interpreteert, wordt de ombouw of het omstellen naar een ander product op de machine heel simpel gemaakt …

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The innovativ designed F0 is an in-line thermoforming machine that can thermoform both flexible and rigid material. It is available for sealing, vacuum, modified atmosphere or skin packaging. The thermoforming film width is 460 mm and is customisable on request, while the loading area length is up to 1,000 mm. It is excellent for productions …

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FP-4/2M-3 Tray erecting machine

Main features Boix FP-4/2M-3 The FP4/2M-3 is the multifunctional version of the FP-4/2M and can erect practically all regular corrugated board trays. Suitable for trays with open or closed columns, 180 degrees folding on the short side and trays with ledge. Possibility to add kits to increase functionalities.

Freshline® Aroma MAP™ system

The Freshline® Aroma MAP™ system allows you to deliver natural aromas such as essential oils into the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas stream during the packaging process, with no additional steps to production. Key benefits: •Enhanced customer experience •Brand recognition •Potentially extended shelf life •Cost savings & waste reduction •Clean label Visit stand A206A and …

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Freshline® Plus cylinder

Air Products’ new Freshline Plus cylinder is the first cylinder specially developed to offer the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Fitted with an integrated 0.2 micron bacterial filter and with an external Biocote® antibacterial coating, the Freshline Plus cylinder is designed to minimise the risk of contamination in your food preparation environment. Every Freshline …

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Friction Peel tester

This coefficient of friction tester(COF)/peel tester can measure static and kinetic coefficient of friction, as well as run seal strength tests, 180° peel, 90° peel and T-peel tests. The FP-2260 also offers a tensile mode to perform lightweight tensile tests up to 10 kg (22 lbf).

Fuji Flowpackers

We from DIJKSTRA VEREENIGDE give advice and have delivered horizontal flow wrapping machine from the worlds’ market leader FUJI for over 40 years. The FUJI α Wrapper is a high-end wrapping line wrapping “perfectly” around the clock with the proven Japanese reliability in food, pharmaceutical or non-food productions. The perfect pack … …means for us …

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Fully automated sandwich/panini lines

The fully automated sandwich line for the production of paninis and sandwiches that will make your production process more efficient! Produce up to 50 paninis or sandwiches per minute with the Selo fully automated sandwich panini line. Optimizing your sandwich or panini production increases the efficiency of your production process. Because of the high level …

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Fully automatic corner applicators

A fully automatic corner applicator (EPA-04) can be added to the fully automatic pallet arm wrapper (A5000). This EPA-04 applies 4 corner pieces simultaneously to the corners of the pallet fully automatically. The four carousels have four compartments for corner pieces. Loading of these carousels can be done from outside and can take place during …

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Fully automatic loading system

The Selo fully automatic loading system loads cheese or meat on a plastic or cardboard tray. The system is equipped with a high end vision system which takes very sharp images of the sliced products. In this way the system knows exactly the deviation of the deposition angle and centerline of the sliced products compared …

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G-Series | Thermal Inkjet Printers

Why use Thermal Inkjet Printers? Designed for use on even the most challenging substrates, our intelligent, high resolution modular G-⁠Series systems will easily integrate into your production line. With the option of either 2 or 4 print heads, depending on the model you choose, print height can be adjusted for multiple lines of print at …

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G. MONDINI S.p.A Traysealmachines

We supply in Holland the complete program tray-seal machines of the global no.1 manufacturer in the field of tray seal machines: G. Mondini. We offer you innovative tray-seal systems for: MAP SKIN PACKAGING SKIN-PROTRUDING DARFRESH SLIMFRESH VACUUM/GAS MIRABELLA LIDDING SYSTEMS In short, we offer a complete assortment tray-topseal systems with complete STAINLESS STEEL machines; from …

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Galaxy Compact weegmachine from 10 gram until 2.500 gram

Galaxy product weighing machines from 0,3 gram until 25 kilogram Enkele features: – Compact dimensions – Available in various designs – Easy to clean – P.L.C. controlled and easy to operate – storage for product recipes – power supply: 230 Volt, 50 Hz.

Gamba Packaging

Gamba Packaging Especially for unprocessed shrimps, SEALPAC has invented an innovative packaging system: Gamba Packaging. Normally, the hollow antennas of the shrimps form a huge risk of leaking packages. Gamba Packaging ensures that antennas and other body parts, which lie over the sealing edge, are cut off while being sealed. As such, they do not …

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Garment Transit Rails

Our rails are single piece injection moulded garment carriers designed for use in a corrugated box. The four variants in this new range are:- 6″ Mini Rail (15cm) 12″ Maxi Rail (30cm) 18″ Master Rail (45cm) 18″ Multi Rail (45cm) as shown in the photo. The 18″ Master Rail has been developed primarily for use …

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Gas mixer KM100-3MEM+, het beste van 2 werelden

Machines who mix gases for MAP purposes in the food industry. Mainly O2, CO2 and N2 are used. The programme of mixing devices is enough to suit your application. If not we will built it for you! All other gases are possible e.g. Ar, He and H2.

Gascontrolsysteem KD500

Electronic flow control system for modified atmospheres for flowwrap machines in the food industry and for room atmospheres e.g. for the storage of fruit and vegetables. Cost Reduction ● saves up to 30% of gas consumption by automatic controlling the required residual oxygen level to a pre determined set point ● the non-destructive gas analysis …

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Gastro tray

Multi Tray B.V. is een productiebedrijf gevestigd in Uden, Nederland, gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen, produceren en leveren van een groot aantal kunststof producten voor de food en non-food industrie. De jarenlange ervaring van directie en medewerkers hebben er toe geleid dat men in 2010 een nieuw bedrijf is begonnen waarbij de klant/product centraal staat. Het …

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GEA CombiPick

GEA CombiPick: automatic single pack selector and converger for GEA Thermoformers with quality control systems.

GEA DeltaPak

The new GEA PowerPak configuration is specially developed as a basic machine with limited functionality. The whole GEA PowerPak range has been re-defined to make it easier to specify a thermoformer for a specific application. This makes packaging solutions more cost-effective by omitting functions that are not required. The latest addition is an entry-level configuration …

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GEA EasyCheck

GEA EasyCheck: checkweigher/metal detector for seamless production flow.

GEA OxyCheck

Would you like to check the oxygen content and seal integrity of every single Modified Atmosphere Pack (MAP) that leaves your site? You can! With the innovative GEA OxyCheck, you can forget wasteful sample testing and the risk that a bad pack reaches a consumer. The GEA OxyCheck is a non-invasive oxygen measurement system, so …

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GEA PowerGuide Converger

GEA PowerGuide Converger: Full automatic multi-indexing converging system for interfacing with GEA thermoformers.

GEA SmartPacker CX400

The SmartPacker CX400 has an ultrasonic welding system, and an automatic film change ( splicing) unit. This vertical packaging machine produces less waste than conventional machines, in addition there is a consistent high quality of the produced packaging. In addition, the GEA SmartPacker is very user-friendly. The possibilities of the different variants SmartPacker packaging includes …

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GEA TiroPrint

GEA TiroPrint: coding and marking in ultimate perfection

Generalscan GS M500BT miniscanner

The Bluetooth barcode scanners Mini (GS M500BT) from Generalscan work seamlessly with any device, whether it is a tablet or smartphone, a laptop or other professional devices with Bluetooth functionality excel with this powerful barcode scanner. The GS M500BT reads all types of barcodes, both 1D (barcode) and 2D (for example, QR code). With the …

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Bij een geschenk speelt emotie een belangrijke rol. Niet alleen het geschenk op zichzelf bepaalt of de ontvanger er blij mee is, juist de  verpakking draagt bij aan het verrassingseffect en bepaalt voor een groot deel de gevoelswaarde. Verpakkingen met hoogwaardige bedrukkingen en afwerkingen maken het verschil. Ook binnen beperkte budgetten kunnen de mogelijkheden onbeperkt …


GF-Combiseal – for both PE and PP

From now on you can use one film as lidding film to both PP trays and PE-lined materials (such as Apet-PE trays or bottom web and PA/PE films).

GF-Peel – Special film for lidding Apet trays and film

GF-Peel offers convenience to mono-Apet trays and bottom webs: The ideal easy-opening. Properties and possibilities ✓ Smooth easy-peel ✓ Crystal clear ✓ Anti-Fog ✓ High barrier ✓ Printing up to 8 colours flexo ✓ Suitable for traysealers and thermoformers ✓ Available in various thicknesses

GLO-10 Orderpickglove

Neoprene glove with triggercable, in combination with the miniscanner GS M100BT series (1D) en GS M500BT series (2D) Right and left handed.

Glue Liners & Induction liners

Kornelis has many types of inlays/liners for tamper evident; Glue liners Alu foil cardboard PP foil Pergamin Option pull tab Induction heat-seal liners For PP, PET and glass Printed with pull tab Reclosable Specials PE/ PP foam Printed liners Barrier liners Combination liners


Grass corrugated fiberboard is a sustainable alternative to traditional corrugated fiberboard made of wood fiber. The production of this material requires less water (up to 90%) and chemicals (65%). On top of that, the green color of this cardboard gives your packaging a green appearance!

GRAVITY 100r – high-speed top loading of flexible bags into cases with an automatic case packing system

The GRAVITY 100R is a popular and quite impressive automatic case packing system. It is often used in the frozen food industry. This next generation flat packer is the result of decades of experience and innovation at BPA. In its design, our team emphasized on simplicity, hygiene, speed and durability. This rugged, simple workhorse contains …

GRAVITY 100r – high-speed top loading of flexible bags into cases with an automatic case packing system Read More »

Grip Sheets

Tallpack International as a specialist in this field is able to advise you and supply with the right products to avoid cargo damage and financial lost for you and your customers. Our sales managers can inform you more about this product and if you want we can setup a testing for you.

Gummed adhesive paper

Gummed Adhesive tape We produce gummed adhesive tape on a role for a wide range of applications, printed in up to 7 colours on different paper qualities. Both from a cost and an environmental perspective, paper adhesive tape is an ethically sound product. Gummed adhesive tape, when perforated, can be used as a label without …

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Hamer Blistermachines

We deliver a complete range of blister packaging machines from the well-known Spanish machine factory HAMER. Our delivery program ranges from standard machines to form and seal blisters to complex blister streets where the input and final packaging are delivered as a complete project. The machines are equipped with the latest technology, for example touch …

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Automatic integral transport systems of empty crates, crates filled with raw materials and/or with finished products in production plants.

Handy Handle

The Handy Handle is the perfect replacement for the traditional plastic bag! The self-adhesive handle labels can carry up to approximately 20 kg in weight. The Handy Handle is available in up to 10 colours and can be printed with your logo, corporate design or commercial campaign. We produce handle labels on a role for …

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Healthcare Packaging

Packaging produced in accordance with GMP guidelines. Generally provided with Braille and special features to prevent sabotage and/or counterfeiting. The pharmaceutical and medical industry distinguishes itself in the field of secondary packaging primarily by strict requirements with regard to accuracy and functionality. We can also equip the packaging with all kinds of characteristics and special …

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Heat and Control Fastback

Improve your process and product quality with Fastback technology • Transport very suitable for fragile products; • < 70 dB noise emission • Easy to clean • Compact design • Easy to integrate for weighing / mixing / dosing / seasoning

Heat-sealed joint inspection with hyperspectral imaging

This system, which is unique to date, represented the perfect solution for our requirements. With it we have been able to achieve the desired cycle speed of around 145 inspections per minute and attain virtually 100% reliability in the detection of heat-sealed joint faults.


Powerful, clever and space-saving: the HEUFT ONE fits into even the smallest installation spaces. Compact modules directly at the conveyor not only carry out the detection but at the same time the assessment and evaluation of the detected deviations too. The measuring results are already converted into good or faulty signals there and passed on …

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High care klimaatinstallaties voor foodproducenten

Colt ontwerpt, levert, monteert en valideert klimaat installaties die bijdragen aan het verhogen van productiviteit en voedselveiligheid, met als resultaat betere hygiënische omstandigheden, een hogere productkwaliteit en een verbeterde houdbaarheid (THT).

High clarity PP sheet

The application of this high clarity PP sheet : Thermoforming, food packaging, cold storage/microwave container

High resolution inkjet

Would you like to apply large amounts of text, such as THT data, logos or barcodes to porous or non-porous materials in perfect quality? We work with several brands within this technology, which means that we can offer the best solution for everyone.


HIGH RESOLUTION INKJET PRINTER – HP Stainless steel control device in IP 65 design Full-color graphic display, diagonal from approx. 14.4 cm (5.7 inch) Graphical user guidance in many languages Support of True Type Fonts (TTF) and the Unicode character set Operation: number pad, cursor block, function keys, dial with push button function REA JET …



HIGH RESOLUTION INKJET PRINTER – PIEZO Print head: GK 768/256, up to 100 mm print height Print head: GK 384/128, up to 50 mm print height IPPC-marking, EPAL-marking, CE-marking Low consumable costs for solvent free REA JET inks Very high print quality, sharp-edged with high contrast

Highly Flexible Packer

Highly Flexible Packer, HFP Base The Highly Flexible Packer combines gentle product handling with the highest flexibility in case packing. The concept of flexible packaging means creating multiple pack configurations that normally cannot be achieved with a typical case packer.

Hipack kunststof en karton eenvoudig te scheiden

Novapac brengt in samenwerking met Zalpak, HVB Innova en Van den Berg Mouldtech een nieuwe verpakking, waarbij Kunststof ( RPET) en karton op een eenvoudige wijze te scheiden zijn. Deze gepatenteerde, stapelbare verpakking zorgt, met een gemakkelijke wijze van sluiten, voor een ingenieus sluitmechanisme van het karton met de kunststof deksel.

HMI for advanced tasks

With their compact design and low mounting depth, SIGMATEK operating panels with capacitve multi-touch displays (PCT) are ideal for installation in the control cabinet, as well as for direct integration into the machine casing or carrier arm.

Honeycomb with die-cut.

We cut and punch the honeycomb packaging in order to meet the requirements from our customers for lightweight, strong and shock-absorbing packaging.

Honeycomb with typical die-cut

Paper Honeycomb is a popular and future-proof packaging because it is recyclable, biodegradable and very compressible. This means that our customers may save on their costs for storage, transport and removal.

Hoogwaardige barrière folie 8 kleuren in lijn bedrukt

Dit jaar is de nieuwe 7 laags co-extruder van het merk Alpine volledig in gebruik genomen bij Fardem Packaging. Gebruikmakend van een 7 laagse folieconstructie kunnen we hierop uitstekende zuurstof- en vocht- en licht barrières ontwikkelen om de kwaliteit van uw product beter te beschermen, zonder gebruik te maken van bijvoorbeeld aluminium-lagen. Voedselverpakkingen hebben vaak …

Hoogwaardige barrière folie 8 kleuren in lijn bedrukt Read More »

Horizontale flowpackers

Het Packhuys is distributeur van Redpack flowpackers voor de Benelux. Bij ons kunt u terecht voor zowel onder als bovensealers. De hoogwaardige flowpack systemen die Redpack in eigen huis ontwikkelt en produceert zijn met name gericht op de AGF industrie. Voor het verpakken van los product of product op schaal bent u bij Het Packhuys …

Horizontale flowpackers Read More »

Hot Foil Coder

The Allen Hot Foil Coder has had an excellent reputation in the pharmaceuticals and food sectors for many years. This Hot Foil Coder is still used primarily for labelling applications with very high speeds. Read through the link below all possibilities with and specifications of the Allen Hot Foil Coder .

Hot-stamping units

For automatic packagers, labeling systems and post-press machines. Ease of handling and optimum operational reliability are the foundation for user-friendly marking technology. Hot-stamping technology from KBAMetronic delivers high reliability and user-friendly operation to simplify everyday practical use.

HPP: High Pressure Preservation

The high pressure processing of food products (HPP – High Pressure Preservation) reduces or even eliminates unwanted microorganisms in foods. This product-preserving process can extend the shelf life of foods without the use of additives. At the same time, high pressure preservation increases food safety. Consumers benefit from this process, since both fresh and processed …

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De hygienehoezen zijn ontwikkeld voor het afsluiten en beschermen van halffabricaten en (verse) eindproducten. Optimaal voor bijvoorbeeld het afdekken van dolavbakken. de hygienehoes onderscheidt zich van andere afdekmaterialen doordat de hoes, met behulp van een elastiek in de rand, uw product volledig afsluit. De kans op besmetting is hierdoor nihil -Betreft een LDPE hygienehoes -Transparant-blauw …

Hygienehoes Read More »

Hygienic conveyor belts

Hygienic conveyor belts made of stainless steel, modular developed with extra attention to hygiene, safety and efficiency.

HyperScope – Seal inspection of trays and thermoforms

Engilico™, pioneer in non-destructive in-line seal inspection for flexible packaging, now presents a new tray inspection demonstrator at Empack Mechelen 2019. The inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology and appropriate image processing algorithms to detect contaminations in the seal of trays with printed plastic foils. These contaminations are invisible for traditional vision-based systems, but …

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IC 022 Dry ice blaster

The unique design of the IC 022 offers surprising flexibility, performance and power. The maintenance-free feeding system from ICS accepts both 1,5 mm and standard 3 mm dry ice pellets. The excellent design of the machine allows easy handling even in tight access spaces. The operation of the machine is easy and fast to get …

IC 022 Dry ice blaster Read More »

IC 110E Dry ice blaster

IC 110 E is a medium ICS professional ice blaster designed for pressures of 10 bar or less which delivers exceptional cleaning performance while maintaining costs of the cleaning process at a minimum level. The design predetermines the device for businesses’ in-house machine, device, tool or mould maintenance applications. The machine is characterised by unique …

IC 110E Dry ice blaster Read More »

IC 310S Dry ice blaster

he IC310 S professional dry ice blaster is our most powerful machine, covering the widest scale of possible cleaning applications. The patented pellet grinding system produces micro-particles that can be deployed to remove dirt from highly sensitive surfaces such as high-gloss moulds, pneumatic and electric lines, machine control panels, or car interiors. To switch between …

IC 310S Dry ice blaster Read More »

IJ4000 – high resolution injet

The Diagraph IJ4000 HMI Impulse Jet controller has been developed for applications for high resolution large character inkjet printing. The 10.2-inch color touch screen is specially enclosed in stainless steel for industrial environments. The user interface is designed to simplify user input, generate dynamic print message designs that are compatible with Unicode supported languages ​​and …

IJ4000 – high resolution injet Read More »

IMH Buffelo labeling machine

Buffalo Labeling machine for bags executed with a zipper or/and coffee valve. But also normal bags can be labeled with this machine. Easy to operate easy to change to other bag size.

IMH CanMatic

filling,- closing,- and labelling machines for cans, bottles, tins, etc.


IML (Inmould Labeling) is a technique where a preprinted label of polypropylene (PP) is placed in the mould. Then the molten PP is added to the mould. It fuses with the label and while curing, takes the shape of the mould. Result: label and packaging become one. Stand out on the shelf? This is your …

IML Read More »

IML – In Mould Labeling

DECA is an expert in In Mould Labeling to give your product more shelf impact. In Mould Labeling is a decoration method where the packaging and the label merge together during the injection moulding process. This way, illustrations and information can be applied to plastic packaging. The result is a decoration with outstanding picture quality …

IML – In Mould Labeling Read More »

In-line inspection solutions

In-line inspection solutions, such as vision systems and ID/barcode scanners, guarantee high quality. A camera/scanner carries out a check as part of the in-line inspection solution. The check can be carried out on a very broad range of planes. From tracing part of the production process, checking for the presence and legibility of a code …

In-line inspection solutions Read More »


The Indexer is developed, by IFS, for a highly efficient end-of-line workflow. By stacking packages at a high speed, the packer gains more time and therefore has time to process the packages.

Industrial Sewing machine model 100

“Low vibration” sewing head, used for plain sewing of every type of open-mouth bags, including paper, woven polypropylene, jute and burlap. Specially suited for nett bags! Typical application for this sewing head: potatoes packing line. Sewing head requires to be mounted on an appropriate column or frame (see “Fischbein” sewing systems).  Plain sewing  …

Industrial Sewing machine model 100 Read More »

Industry 4.0 – Domino Cloud

Domino Cloud embeds Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) intelligence into our SafeGuard service plan packages to provide the highest level of aftercare for our printers, and total peace of mind for our customers. Domino Cloud connects our support network to your printers to monitor their operation and performance. Errors and potential issues are recorded automatically …

Industry 4.0 – Domino Cloud Read More »

Infeed/Take away conveyors Feed weighing systems

GKS Take away conveyors and indeed conveyors are based on the GKS conveyor concept, which guarantees completely hygienic design, fully stainless steel construction and a stainless steel drum motor. These conveyors are available in various executions or can be built according to customer specifications. Selected models include integrated metal detectors. The conveyor and metal detector …

Infeed/Take away conveyors Feed weighing systems Read More »

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are often used for applying coding to primary and secondary packaging, made of a great variety of materials. On account of the great variety of materials on which the coding is to appear, there are also many variations in combinations of inkjet printers. We supply various types of machines and ink, so we …

Inkjet printer Read More »

Inks and solvents

For every product or packaging, no matter which industry you are in, inks (with accompanying solvents) are available which, in combination with our inkjet printers, realize the best quality and durability of the coding message. Our inks are available in various colors. We not only have inks that are excellent for use on common materials, …

Inks and solvents Read More »

Inline filling systems

– for cans and jars – for both volumetric and weight dosing – in single head model up to 25 units per minute – in two-head model for higher speeds up to 50 units per minute

Innovative coding systems

With the different control units of the Markoprint product range, BluhmWeber is the only manufacturer worldwide able to centrally control three printing technologies. In addition to the HEWLETT PACKARD printheads for small high resolution coding and the proven TRIDENT printheads for large coding, newly developed FUNAI industrial printheads are also now supported.

Inpack promotions

Inpack promotions have become all the rage among children. They continue to increase in popularity because collectibles create excitement. Our multi-layer labels add an element of fun by delivering a collectible sticker that is placed on the inside of the packaging. Variable imaging allows the stickers to be printed in a variety of designs that …

Inpack promotions Read More »


InsideCut By combining precision and temperature control, SEALPAC always achieves the highest possible sealing quality. In addition, we offer our well-known InsideCut sealing, which was invented by SEALPAC many years ago. By accurately cutting and sealing the film on the inside of the tray, film hanging over the sealing edge is prevented. The advantage of …

InsideCut Read More »

Instructions For Use (IFU’s)

Instructions For Use (IFUs), in other words leaflets and user manuals. In all possible sizes and finishes. Produced in compliance with GMP guidelines. Supplemental to the packaging, an insert and/or user manual is often required. This ranges from meticulously folded copies to entire books. De Budelse produces a wide range of variants. We are also …

Instructions For Use (IFU’s) Read More »

Inverted Vertical Hanging Labels (IVHL)

IVHL combines product labeling with a built-in hanging device for significant cost savings. •Applied with standard labelers •Significant cost savings •Reduced label •Use of less costly standard glass containers •Gradient markings on label •Single hook and twin hook configurations •Custom designs available •Can be automatically case-packed •Security features and Braille options

Inverted Vertical Hanging Labels (IVHL)

IVHL combines product labeling with a built-in hanging device for significant cost savings. •Applied with standard labelers •Significant cost savings •Reduced label •Use of less costly standard glass containers •Gradient markings on label •Single hook and twin hook configurations •Custom designs available •Can be automatically case-packed •Security features and Braille options

INVpack stickpackmachines

We supply a complete range of vertical stickpack machines for making sticks and tri-angle bags of the well-known Spanish stickpack machine manufacturer INV pack. Stickpack machines are deployed in various market sectors, mainly in single doses, and those of sugar sticks to creamer, or spices to peanut sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise. But also pharmaceutical products …

INVpack stickpackmachines Read More »

INVpack stickpackmachines

INVpack the most famous manufacturer of stickpack machines. Zwager Techniek supplies a complete package of stickpack machines for the packaging of powders as liquids. Examples are pharmaceutical products, sauces, dressings, sugar and honey, mayonnaise, vitamin preparations, instant drinks etc etc

IP 100

With the IP 100 H hydraulic unit, you will be able to produce desired quantities of high-quality dry ice pellets in-house, in a place and at a time of your choice. If you need larger pellet quantities regularly, in-house dry ice making will bring you many benefits. The compact IP 100 H hydraulic pelletizing unit …

IP 100 Read More »

ISIBOX 61 – Reusable boxes

Robust, the ISIBOX 61 allows you to transport up to 1 tonne. It is light, can be re-used numerous times, and is easy to assemble and handle. Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled. Advantages of the ISIBOX 61 pallet box: – Delivered and stored flat – Solid: Highly resistant to …

ISIBOX 61 – Reusable boxes Read More »

ISIBOX 66 – Single-use boxes

The ISIBOX 66 is highly resistant to drops, stacking and challenging transport conditions. It is light and easy to assemble and handle. Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled. Maximum recommended dimensions: 1200 x 800 mm. Advantages of the ISIBOX 66: – Delivered and stored flat – Solid: Highly resistant to …

ISIBOX 66 – Single-use boxes Read More »

Jumbo Stir-fry Sauce Pouches

At DeeDee Pouch Professionals, we combine a boundless passion for pouches with expertise gained through years of experience. Together with our customer, we create and deliver the perfect pouch, with the right fit towards the product and process. Are you looking for a pouch, but at the same time also for a positive experience while …

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Kartonnen Kruidenstrooier

Duurzame CYLINDER KRUIDENBOX – 100% plasticvrij ” Duurzaam, kwalitatief, handzaam én stijlvol gaan prima samen.” Deze kartonnen kruidenbox is speciaal ontwikkeld om in te spelen op de behoefte aan duurzame verpakkingen. De box is geheel vrij van plastic en aluminium. De box is gecacheerd met graspapier en de innovatieve strooideksel is voorzien van een papieren …

Kartonnen Kruidenstrooier Read More »

Kawasaki Robotics CP180LEE03 Robotpalletiser

The Kawasaki CP180LEE03 is a Robust High-Speed Long-Reach Palletising Robot with a payload of 180 kg. Kawasaki CP-Series robots are designed specifically for palletising applications. With 2 servo motors with 2 air-cooled reduction units on the first axis, the CP-Series are the fastest robot palletisers in the industry.

Keymac Sleever

Het Packhuys levert Keymac sleevers voor het verpakken van zowel schalen als losse producten. Deze snelle, betrouwbare en compacte sleever is geschikt voor vele verschillende toepassingen en is vrij verstelbaar voor het verwerken van meerdere formaten.

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