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ARCAL™ Speed, the best gas solution to increase productivity in MAG welding
With a skilfully dosed mixture to achieve high speed MAG welding of carbon steel and a high deposition rate, ARCAL™ Speed is the essential gas for arc welding when time is short. It is the perfect product for applications such as automatic and robotic welding. Thanks to reduced emission and projection rates, ARCAL™ Speed is the solution that reduces post-welding operations and the consumption of filler materials. ARCAL™ Speed has been specially formulated for MAG welding to achieve the highest productivity with the highest quality. The Ar-8% CO2 blend produces a compact and smooth weld bead with high X-ray demonstrated quality, excellent wetting and a clean weld surface. Its optimized composition makes ARCAL™ Speed welding gas adaptable to all arc regimes, giving you very high operating flexibility. Whether in an automated workshop on an automobile assembly line or rolling machinery, on a shipyard or a construction site, ARCAL™ Speed will bring you satisfaction thanks to the quality of the welding work it will bring you!
ARCAL™ Prime, the pure solution for TIG, MIG, Plasma welding.
ARCAL™ Prime is the high purity Argon welding gas solution for professionals. This gas is available in various packaging and sizes and is suitable for all MIG, TIG and plasma processes: TIG and plasma welding of all metals, MIG welding of aluminum, copper and their alloys, Root shielding of all materials. ARCAL™ Prime high purity argon adapts to all your needs and guarantees the highest weld quality with excellent weld appearance.


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