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With the ever increasing emphasis on compact robots and reduction in factory footprint in mind, the ABIflexx Wide Delta was developed.
Through a completely new configuration of this special delta robot, an oval work area is created, enabling the Wide Delta to reach products on conveyor belts up to a width of 1580mm. A second large advantage is the fact that it occupies considerably less space in series than a series of regular delta robots. A group of 4 Wide Delta Robots occupies 50% less space than a group of four regular Delta Robots.
Completely designed to meet FDA and EHEDG specifications and thus extremely suitable in food or pharma environments. Through the use of high quality components, the system can reach 220 picks/minute with a very high position repeatability and very low wear, minimizing TCO for the user.
While regular ABIflexx Delta Robots already offer you unprecedented flexibility, the ABIflexx Wide Delta offers you the same flexibility with a much smaller footprint.

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