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Semi automatic tube sealing system, type Gandus TB3 suitable for closing and coding PE and laminated tubes.
This easy to operate machine closes the tubes and put a coding into the seal in 1 operation.
The device is equipped with a digital temperature controller with adjustable temperature setting.
Depending on the thickness and the material composition, the heating time and the cooling time are set. This data can be stored per type of tube in a memory so that you only have to put in the settings once.
The height-adjustable table is equipped with a scale for the tube height from 100 to 220 mm. and a stop for the tubeholder.
After the tubeholder is placed against the stop, the tubes are pushed upwards into a V-shape true the
lever on the side. After this the lever on the front gives a start pulse and closes the seal bar.
The seal timer expires the set time and then the set cooling time expires. During the sealing
the readout shows the actual sealing temperature. After expiry of the set time, the seal bar opens automaticly
and the tubeholder can be removed.
During the sealing time, a new tube holder is filled and the actions mentioned can be repeated again.
For the tubes with a diameter of 50 mm. 4 can be placed simultaneously in a tubeholder and 40 mm. or all
smaller sizes diameters 6 pieces are placed in a tubeholder.

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