Smart Badge

Benefit from your badge reader

Empack makes it even easier for the visitor to collect information during the exhibition visit. Upon arrival, every visitor receives the so-called Smart Badge, a badge with a special integrated chip. With this Smart Badge, visitors can easily scan exhibitor stands by swiping the badge over the exhibitor’s badge reader. The badge reader is the special reader that every exhibitor receives and must place visibly on their stand. After their visit, visitors will receive an email with an overview of all exhibitors they have scanned. The information is sent directly from your My Easyfairs profile.

The benifits for you as exhibitor

Easily distribute your business information

By simply scanning their badge, visitors who have not spoken to you will also receive your product and company information via e-mail.

Reduce costs and waste

Thanks to digital business information you save on brochures, catalogs and print material. So less (transport) costs and less chance that your visitors "lose" your material along the way.

More contacts and possibilities

Combine the use of your badge reader with the Visit Connect App and also scan the badges of your visitors. Ask them to collect your information by scanning your badge reader with their badge. If you have GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium, you will receive the list of visitors who have scanned the badge reader(s) at your stand.

Simplify your follow-up after the exhibition

Included with GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium, you will receive a list of visitors who digitally collected your business information. Done with the time-consuming entry of business cards or contact forms.

Encourage the visitor experience

Visitors who scan their badge receive your information digitally. Very useful for immediately sharing this data with their colleagues and acquaintances via e-mail or social media.

What do you have to do during Empack?

  1. Pick up your ready-to-use badge reader at the Business Point during the build-up day 
  2. Place the badge reader on your stand: in the visitor’s field of view, easily accessible and at the right height for easy scanning
  3. Remove the strip on the badge reader and place it on the cardboard
  4. The batteries of the badge reader will last a whole exhibition
  5. Return the badge reader to the Business Point at the end of the last exhibition day

TIP: If you have GoVisibility, you can still upgrade to another package to get the list of visitors who scanned the badge reader (s) at your booth.

NOTE: The badge reader that you rent remains the property of Poken NV. Not returned badge readers will be charged (costs € 500).

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