Visit Connect

What is Visit Connect?

Visit Connect is an application that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. Visit Connect makes it possible to easily collect information from the visitors to your stand by scanning the visitor’s badge with the app. A license is required to use Visit Connect.

Visit Connect vs Smart Badge

Visit Connect is not the same as the Smart Badge. With the Smart Badge, the visitor scans the badge reader on your stand and then receives your company information by email after the fair. With Visit Connect you scan the visitor’s badge and receive the information about this visitor in the app. You can also make useful notes of any conversation.

Visit Connect App

How does it work?

  1. Before the fair you will receive an email from us with the manual and your license (s).
  2. Open the app and activate the license you received by email by scanning the QR code.
  3. Once your license is activated, tap the QR code at the top right and point the camera at the QR code of the visitor’s badge to scan it.
  4. All data is stored on your device and can be exported afterwards in a handy Excel document.
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