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Linear Weigh Filler – Filling by weight

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The Linear Weigh Filler is a highly efficient system designed for precision bulk-to-batch weight conversions. Capable of handling 12-15 cartons per minute, this filler is built entirely from stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. It is well-suited for a variety of box sizes and can fill items ranging from dried fruits and nuts to candy, solid products, and frozen fruits. The Linear Weigh Filler features a self-learning system that adapts to changes in product or packaging without manual adjustments, providing a straightforward operation. High accuracy and an interactive touchscreen interface make this system not only reliable but also user-friendly. With the option for big bag filling, the Linear Weigh Filler is versatile and promises to offer the lowest total cost of ownership, making it an excellent investment for businesses looking to optimize their filling processes.


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