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EasySeal – Bag closing

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The EasySeal is a high-efficiency sealing machine designed to streamline the packaging process in both small and large-scale operations. With its compact and user-friendly design, the EasySeal offers a solution that fits into nearly any workspace without compromising performance. It can seal up to 16 boxes or crates per minute, maintaining continuous operation and reliability.

The EasySeal’s standout features include its very compact design, making it the machine with the smallest footprint available for bag sealing. It is built entirely of stainless steel, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, it boasts an on-screen HD visualization system that displays warnings and tracks machine functions, enhancing operational reliability.

Operationally, the EasySeal is simple but effective. It consists of a six-step process starting with the box infeed and culminating in a perfectly sealed product ready for shipment. The machine is equipped with features like suction mouths for bag pick-up, spreading fingers for creating the perfect gusset, and precision sealing bars that guarantee a perfect seal every time.

Furthermore, the EasySeal can be customized with options like DAMORE for real-time data monitoring and an integrated rejector to enhance quality control. Whether integrated into an automatic production line or used as a standalone unit, the EasySeal promises to minimize product waste, speed up the sealing process, and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, making it a valuable addition to any packaging operation.


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