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CherrySeal – Bag sealing

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The CherrySeal is a state-of-the-art bag sealing machine known for its ultra-compact design and superior sealing capabilities. Designed to operate non-stop around the clock, the CherrySeal can handle up to 16 boxes per minute, accommodating a variety of bag and box sizes with ease. Its BI-active sealing technology ensures both sides of the seal bar are evenly heated, providing rapid and consistent heat transfer which guarantees a perfect seal every time. This machine excels in removing excess air during the sealing process, preventing balloon formation and ensuring optimal protection for the contents. The CherrySeal’s efficient design minimizes its footprint, making it the most space-efficient bag sealing machine on the market. With the lowest total cost of ownership in its class and robust stainless steel construction, the CherrySeal is both cost-effective and reliable, making it an ideal solution for continuous industrial use.


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