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Miniline fillingmachine / closingmachine

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The MINILINE machine is built for packaging liquid perfume products.
The liquid is filled into bottles, and then sealed with caps of various
shapes and sizes.

It has the following construction:
– main aluminum structure
– 16 station rotary star wheel for bottle step movement
– manual bottle infeed
Motion is operated pneumatically and managed by an electronic system
which simulates a series of mechanical cams.
The control system is contained in a pulpit connected closely to the main
structure of the machine. The electric motor supply and control panel
is also fitted on the same structure.
The Automatic machine Miniline can be fitted with:
– Filling station made by no.2 filling pistons of 30ml each
– Pressing station
– Screw tightening station
– Crimping station
Dimensions: 74,5×61 cm
Height: 160 cm + adjustable feet
Net weight: 100 kg
Electrical system
Supply voltage: 230 V 1P N PE
Frequency: 50 Hz
Maximum power: 0,1 kVA
Pneumatic system
Minimum pressure: 4 bar
Recommended pressure: 6 bar


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