FANUC’s new features
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FANUC’s new features

FANUC's new features



FANUC has launched new variants of some of its robots!
The CRX-25iA with a payload 30kg and a maximum reach of 1889 mm.
We see that collaborative robots are in high demand in the European market and want to offer suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. Our cobots are designed to support any type of manufacturer – small or large – to expand their capabilities with the highest reliability.
In addition, FANUC launched an upside-down model of the SCARA series. This series of robots offer the ideal mix of speed and precision, making them perfect for assembly, pick & place, inspection and packaging applications. The big advantage of the design of the latest SCARA version is that it eliminates ‘dead zones’! By being ceiling-mounted, the SR-3iA/U SCARA covers the full volume of the cylindrical working area. This is especially important in applications where, for example, randomly placed products are placed on a conveyor belt. Such tasks usually rely on a camera taking an image, after which a robot picks up the product. With the SR-3iA/U, there are no movement restrictions in the entire working area of the robot, making this application 100% successful.
Furthermore, we also like to highlight the latest FANUC DR-3iB delta robot series (with payloads of 6kg and 8kg)! This robot has a protection rating of IP69K with a fully enclosed stainless steel housing, which can withstand chemicals, high pressures and temperatures required in certain industries.
FANUC DELTA robots are specifically designed to maximise speed and flexibility in picking and handling applications. Their unique parallel-link structure and large working range make them ideal for automating demanding applications that traditional 6-axis robots or 4-axis SCARA robots cannot perform.


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