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From a smile on your face to the confirmation that you have the right product in your hands. You know it from experience: the packaging sells the product. You want to stand out with it. Action after action. Season after season. This requires a strong design and small to medium runs. Print2Pack helps you from idea to shelf.

Strong design
Print2Pack makes packaging specifically for your product. With our team of designers we think along about a functional, striking and recognizable technical design. From a personalized message to a lid with a special shape, anything is possible. Do you want to see, feel and test the design? Which can. We mail a 3D design and produce from one copy, which means that a prototype is made in this way.

Small to medium runs
With our techniques we offer small to medium runs at an affordable price. As a result, you have little stock, you undertake sustainably and you can respond smartly to campaigns. Because we do a large part of the finishing ourselves, we switch quickly. And we deliver just-in-time.

That is how it works
Our designers make a technical design that fits your product.
The 3D design shows the packaging from all sides.
If desired, you will receive a prototype so that you can test the packaging in your production line.
If everything is correct, we will manufacture your packaging in the desired edition.





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