Experts predict the future of packaging

In addition to an exhibition floor with 250+ exhibitors, visitors of Empack 2022 showed enormous interest in the knowledge sessions in the theatres. Topics that were extensively discussed were the reduction of CO₂, food safety and plastic packaging, developments regarding the new SUP guideline and the use of renewable materials. The theatres were again filled with experts from Brightlands, NRK Verpakkingen, KIDV and HelloFresh. The experts below discussed various topics of the packaging industry in the extensive program and they shared their expertise. Frequently occurring problems were discussed, new applications were highlighted and the most recent trends and developments were discussed. Visitors received answers to all their questions and exchanged experiences during interactive expert sessions. The recordings and presentations will soon be available here.

Kickstart - Business challenges innovative packaging


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Business Challenges Innovative Packaging: what are the current packaging challenges?

Juri Heise (KVK) & Charissa Koolen (KIDV) - Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (KIDV)

11.00 - 11.10 AM

Juri Heise & Charissa Koolen kick off with the packaging challenges of this moment. You can get help of other innovative entrepreneurs to solve your packaging challenges via the Chamber of Commerce-KIDV Business Challenge. Juri Heise & Charissa Koolen explain how this concept works and how you can participate!

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How can HelloFresh reduce the weight of plastic used to package its in-box food products?

Marcel Keuenhof (KIDV), Victor Smits (HelloFresh), Monique Allers (KVK)

11.10 - 11.45 AM

Victor Smits, Sustainability Manager at HelloFresh, shares his experience with the Chamber of Commerce-KIDV Business Challenge. How did the process go, did it lead to a collaboration and in what way is HelloFresh solving the challenge?


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What is BMN's packaging challenge and how do they solve this together with other parties?

Albert van Stam & Petran Verhoef - BMN

11.45 - 12.00 AM

Together we face the challenge of how the international packaging chain can ultimately achieve intrinsic sustainability through recycling and circularity. Intrinsically sustainable packaging is packaging without damage to people and the environment. What challenge does BMN have and who can they use to do so?

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Several companies seek collaboration for packaging challenges - do you have the solution?

Juri Heise (KVK) & Charissa Koolen (KIDV) - Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (KIDV)

12.00 - 12.30 PM

The third edition of the Chamber of Commerce-KIDV Business Challenge Innovative Packaging will start shortly. Discover which companies have submitted a challenge, maybe you can offer them the solution!

European legislation and food safety


NRK 200x200
Roger Loop_NRK Verpakkingen_Byo pictures-DSC06968-b-kl

Introduction and conclusion

Roger Loop - NRK Verpakkingen

13.15 - 13.20 PM

Roger Loop is director of NRK Verpakkingen in plastic packaging. During the knowledge sessions of NRK Verpakkingen he acts as chairman of the day.

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foto Silvia Freni Sterrantino

EU legislative framework: what is the future of packaging and its sustainability?

Silvia Freni Sterrantino - European Plastics Converters

13.20 - 14.15 PM

As much packaging legislation has its origins in the EU, Silvia will explain the EU framework and the EU Plastics Strategy and the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). The implementation of the SUP Directive at European and national level, the revision of the Packaging Directive (PPWD) and the Plastic Tax and the effects of the EU taxonomy are other topics in her presentation. Note: Silvia’s knowledge session is in English.

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foto Kris Callaert - NRK Verpakkingen

Current European legislation for food contact materials

Kris Callaert - NRK Verpakkingen

14.15 - 14.55 PM

Kris Callaert updated the attendees about the ‘Revision of the rules for recycled plastics in food contact materials’. In December 2021, the European Commission launched a review of the rules for the use of recycled plastics in food contact materials. Meanwhile, a first draft proposal for the replacement of Regulation 282/2008 has been presented to stakeholders. Kris will elaborate on this design proposal during his presentation.

Interactive round table session: sustainability in turbulent times


15.15 - 16.45 PM

Interactive round table session: sustainability in turbulent times

Reinier van den Berg (known as a weather forecaster for RTL), Maria Westerbos (Plastic Soup Foundation), Gert-Jan Gruter (Avantium Technologies) and Angelique van de Moortele (Pack4Food)

Reinier van den Berg (known as a weather forecaster for RTL), Maria Westerbos (founder Plastic Soup Foundation), Gert-Jan Gruter (Professor University of Amsterdam) and Angelique Vandemoortele (Project Manager Pack4Food) will discuss (with guidance of moderator Ton Knipscheer) what the effects of sustainability are in the world of packaging. It actively seeks out interaction with the visitors in the room. Do they eventually reach a common conclusion?

15.15 PM - Introduction by moderator Ton Knipscheer from VNV

15:17 PM – Reinier van den Berg | Climate change

15:40 PM – Maria Westerbos | Plastic Soup

15:50 PM – Gert-Jan Gruter | Bio Plastics

16:00 PM – Angelique Vandemoortele | Foodwaste

16:10 PM – Sanne Westra - Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

16:20 PM – Roundtable discussion led by moderator, with questions from the audience

16:45 PM – Collective drinks with VNV members in the foyer of The Next Level (1st floor of the exhibition hall)

Wednesday 6 april

A sustainable tomorrow


Packshot creators logo
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The packaging seduces, also in the online environment

Mick de Reuver - Packshot Creators

11.00 - 11.30 AM

The communication function of packaging is unmistakable in the supermarket. The packaging is an interplay of 3D and graphic design, visible and tangible to the consumer. The packaging entices and helps the consumer to find the product that suits his/her needs. In the online store, the packaging is often flattened and an image of the packaging is insufficient to entice and inform the consumer. In this session you will learn what the possibilities are to bring that flattened packaging to life and make it ‘wink’ at the consumer: buy me!

HAS Hogeschool

Best cases of students

Students of HAS Hogeschool

11.30 - 12.00 AM

The challenge: Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) is a fresh-frozen product for dogs and cats. With what packaging does the use of this product, which is not necessarily attractive to the owner, become easy, fun and fun. So that owner and pet can enjoy BARF. HAS Packaging & Design students present various solutions.

HAS Hogeschool

Best cases students

Students HAS Hogeschool

12.00 - 12.30 PM

The challenge: Mr. Long have been loved and for sale at stations, stadiums and festivals for years. This sales market has collapsed in the past two years. What innovative and sustainable packaging will Mr. Long storm the supermarket? The students present surprising concepts in a traditional market.

Brightlands Symposium: renewable plastics & packaging

13.00 - 16.00 PM


Brightlands Materials Center logo
Caroli Buitenhuis - Spreker Brightlands

Introduction Brightlands Material Center

Caroli Buitenshuis - Brightlands Materials Center

13.00 - 13.05 PM

Caroli Buitenshuis is trained as a packaging expert and specializes in making retail packaging more sustainable. At Brightlands Materials Center she works together with the Circular Packaging team on making multi-layer packaging recyclable.

Brightlands Materials Center logo
Harold Gankema 1

Challenges related to circular packaging

Harold Gankema - Brightlands Materials Center

13.05 - 13.30 PM

Within Brightlands Materials Center’s Circular Packaging program, the Brightlands Materials Center is redesigning the polymers of multilayer packaging materials to make them recyclable. Sealing and the barriers needed to properly package products play a crucial role in this. This presentation provides insight into the challenges and possible solution routes.

Foto Verbindend Steven SIJ

What is sustainable packaging

Steven IJzerman - Ekoplaza

13.30 - 14.00 PM

What is the best packaging and what sources do you use? Is packaging-free always the best and is an LCA always the source for determining the sustainability of a packaging? Steven IJzerman works at Udea (Ekoplaza), and has been working on projects for many years to obtain sustainable packaging in the range.

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Certified circular plastics for packaging

Jörgen Kemps - Sabic Europe BV

14.00 - 14.30 PM

With the TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio, SABIC wants to enable its customers to jointly take on the challenge of plastic waste and CO2 reduction. An explanation is given about mass balance certified PP and PE’s which are made from household waste and renewable (Bio-Based) raw materials. With 25 years of experience in the plastics industry, Jörgen Kemps has acquired a broad knowledge of product and market development in various industries. In his current role, he supports the introduction and implementation of certified circular and bio-based polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE™ solutions in the value chain.

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Pieter Imhof - TNO - Brightlands

Microplastics & packaging

Pieter Imhof - TNO

14.30 - 15.00 PM

Pieter Imhof is Senior Business Developer Circular Plastics at TNO, with a focus on sustainable plastics and chemicals. After a PhD in chemistry, he started his career at AkzoNobel Catalysts in R&D Management. Via Marketing & Sales and Technical Service management within Albemarle, he switched to Avantium, responsible for Business Development and Strategic Account Management with a focus on sustainable chemistry and processes. In 2017, he became CEO of BioBTX, a technology company that commercializes a catalytic pyrolysis process for converting waste materials, such as plastics, into sustainable chemicals. Last year, Pieter switched to TNO, a research organization, where he uses his expertise and experience in developing and partnering for sustainable solutions and circular plastics.

Avantium logo
IngridGoumans - Spreker Brightlands

PEF for Packaging

Ingrid Goumans - Avantium

15.00 - 15.30 PM

The trend to move to lighter packaging that can keep food fresh longer raises the bar for packaging material performance. At the same time, the end of the life of packaging is central. PEF (polyethylene) furanoate) is a biobased plastic with barrier and mechanical performance that fits these trends very well. In addition, PEF it is a polyester like PET, the world’s best recycled plastic: this opens up possibilities for creating new recyclable packaging solutions, sustainable alternatives to existing high-performance plastics, glass and cans.


15.30 PM

Meet the experts in the Network Cafe!


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Help for Ukraine

Michaël Nieuwesteeg - NVC Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum

15.30 - 15.45 PM

An association like NVC can only exist with a worldwide free and respectful exchange of information and insights. In this context, this session focuses on support for Club Packagers of Ukraine (CPU). In this way NVC can help packaging professionals in Ukraine to maintain their association in the current challenging circumstances.

Go to for more information.

Thursday 7 april

Sustainable solutions within packaging


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Packadore: innovators in temptainability

Ruben Hillenius - Apples of Orange/Packadore Collective

11.00 - 11.30 AM

Packadore is a collective of companies from the packaging industry with a shared ambition to make it more sustainable. During this session we provide insight into our philosophy and innovations regarding temptainable, or attractive and sustainable, packaging design.

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Circularity "as a service!"

Henri Kanters - Operations Manager at Circulware

11.30 - 12.00 PM

With the introduction of the SUP Directive in July 2021, the production of single-use plastic products has stopped. How did Haval find the way to a completely new Circular product as a replacement for the single-use disposable products? You will learn all about this in the session: circularity “as a service!”.

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Predicting the impact of packaging

Martin de Munnik - Co-founder & Business Developer Neurensics

12.00 - 12.30 PM

Our behavior is determined by unconscious processes. These were measured while confronted with various packaging designs on the basis of which algorithms were developed. With these algorithms, scientists predict the effect of packaging on the perception of their sustainability and purchase intent.

How to deal with the most polluting packaging?


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Dirk Groot - Zwerfinator

The most polluting packaging

Dirk Groot - Zwerfinator

13.30 - 14.00 PM

A frequently asked question is which type of litter is most common and/or the most polluting. Where do we start? strayinator examines this issue from different angles in this session.

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Sustainable use of materials

Rick Passenier - All-round entrepreneur and consultant Industrial Design

14.00 - 14.30 PM

Are circular packaging always more sustainable? Is a new one packaging is always the solution or are there also system innovations? And where are the chances? CIRCO has guided more than 1000 companies in the creating innovations with impact and reflecting on your innovation options.

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Learn to develop circular business models step by step

Marieke Lenders - Program Lead Mission Reuse

14.30 - 15.30 PM

How can making your organization more sustainable go hand in hand with creating a new or better revenue model? Learn to develop circular business models step by step.

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