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For years Empack collaborates with trustworthy branch organisations of the packaging industry. By offering the highest level of knowledge Empack serves the Dutch packaging community. Lots of visitors come to Empack with a direct target: finding the most relevant knowledge and innovative packaging solutions.

Experienced professionals and speakers from The Netherlands and abroad share their knowledge and experiences in an extended programme full of the most actual and hot-topics of the packaging industry.

ABN Amro

ABN AMRO serves customers in retail, private banking and corporate banking. We want to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, circular and sustainable society. We do this by arranging our products and services in such a way that they contribute to a better future.

KIDV EMPACK 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV) advises and inspires companies about sustainable packaging. They offer factual knowledge, current trends and practical tools.


NVC is a globally unique association where more than 500 companies cooperate for the benefit of both their own future and that of the activity of packaging in general.


More than 20,000 students, entrepreneurs and scientists work together on innovation-driven developments on and around the four Brightlands Campuses. They are constantly looking for places where challenges, solutions and expertise meet.


NRK Verpakkingen is an experienced organization that puts vital functions of plastic packaging on the agenda, such as food safety and environmental performance. Knowledge of the (globalizing) industry and packaging developments is crucial.


People of Tomorrow create concepts and give advice in sustainable food and packaging and contribute towards a better tomorrow. They use their knowledge about products, materials and design to help companies
UPF Empack 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The participants of the United Packaging Forest have a warm heart for the environment. That is why the United Packaging Forest cooperates with the Trees for All foundation. By planting trees, we collectively offset the COemissions of the entire production chain.

EVMI Empack 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

EVMI is a trade magazine focused on the food industry. Through various channels they keep industry professionals informed about current developments in the food sector.

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