Super Magnet Sealers

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AVC Super Magnet Impulse Sealers are highly reliable and versatile sealing machines. The magnet-based operation means that you only need to close the seal arm; after the seal is made, the arm is automatically raised again. As a result, this machine guarantees constant and reliable sealing. This high-quality sealer that is suitable for industrial use allows you to find a solution for all your packaging issues, in combination with the various accessories. Hand-operated or foot pedal-operated, a 4mm or 8mm wide seal, with or without work table, the SMS does exactly what you would expect: it seals your packages quickly and effectively. The individually adjustable sealing and cooling timers guarantee consistent seal quality. One of the machines shown here has a work table fitted to the front, and a film unrolling unit is visible behind the machine. Both these accessories are offered separately. Available in the following models: 350/500/700/1000, and now also in models 1200 and 1400.

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