Romédes Special-machines has developed a new series beltbunkers

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Beltbunkers are used to feed a buffer-volume to a feedingunit like a vibrating bowlfeeder.
Bowfeeders are the most efficient when the maximum product-movement is created by controlled frequency and amplitude. Too much or too little product (Mass) in the feeding bowl
will have a negative effect on the output.
A beltbunker takes care of the right dosage of product to the bowlfeeder.
Often beltbunkers are pushing out to much volume at once. The bowl becomes too filled up en will work less efficient until the optimal volume is reached again.

The new beltbunkers of Romédes are very precisely adjustable. They are specially constructed on application for accurate meeting the demands of the bowlfeeder. Besides that they are very quiet, transfer no vibrations to its surrounding and are extreme robust designed.

The beltbunkers are available from 5 to 1000 liters.

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