Introducing the new improved 1210 Foldable IBC, Combo Excelsior HYBRID®.

Product delen:



he Combo Excelsior Hybrid® is strong and durable. Maximum safety when stacked fully loaded thanks to the T-shaped locking system. The lid is water-tight, self-locking and features multiple strap locations.

Combo Excelsior Hybrid® ensures optimised payload in road and railroad transportation. Reducing reverse logistics costs and lowering C02 impact thanks to the best folding ratio on the market.

100% safe, easy to clean design from base to lid, no dirt or water traps, bugs and needle contamination proof. 100% smooth and double-wall sturdy design increases internal volume and ensures compatibility with high-speed filling processes. Safe and speed handling thanks to the fork tine guides on base.

Easily erected and folded by one operator only. The self-locking drop door enables easy access. The bottom discharge zone speeds up the liner and valve set up and removal. Faster removal thanks to easy valve release system. The reusable dustcover ensures bottom discharge protection against dirt which can be sealed with “one way” tamper evidence.


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