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Tallpack International has developed an FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging machine for bagging powders. Weighing and dosage take place via a screw/weigh system in combination with a screw transporter that enters the bag vertically and starts filling from the bottom. The bottom of the bag is shaken by an adjustable shaker during the filling process, so the product is firmly compacted; this improves the bag’s filling capacity. By puffing out the seal before welding, one is able to get a perfectly closed FFS bag. The machine is able to fill bags with up to 50 kg of product.

Tallpack International is able to offer the whole process – weighing, filling, labeling, palletisation, wrapping or stretching hooding on pallets – in turnkey format. This means customers have a single point of contact when establishing and maintaining the whole line. A single supplier means everything is quickly available and that service can be planned effectively.

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