Hardware from the Würth Group enjoys an outstanding reputation. Its subsidiary WLC Würth-Logistik provides the primary packaging for more than 1,000 different products, with eight different pack types, fill weights between 40g and 4.5kg and quantities between 50 and 1,000 pcs per box.

The company had been using an Ishida multihead weigher since the late 1980s but while this machine was still in perfect working order, the company needed a new solution that was better able to cope with the growing trend towards smaller pack formats.

“The primary factor behind our decision was the outstanding performance of the old Ishida multihead weigher, which had functioned reliably over decades of continuous operation,” explains Ingo Frank, who is responsible for plant technology at WLC Würth-Logistik.

The new machine, an Ishida CCW-RVE model, is capable of filling on average 45 boxes per minute, although this figure can be as high as 60 boxes when the weigher is operating at maximum speed. “We can fill up to 22,000 boxes per shift, which is an almost 20% improvement in performance compared with the previous system,” says Ingo Frank. With overfilling at less than 1%, precision is in no way compromised by this high output.

Another benefit, according to Ingo Frank, is the greater degree of flexibility. The new multihead weigher is much more accommodating in handling different and smaller pack formats, and frequent product changeovers can be completed very quickly by simply calling up one of the 1,000 pre-sets at the touch of a button.



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