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Participating in a trade fair can be overwhelming. Prior to the event, you need to prepare various aspects and invite your clients. During the trade fair, you want to make the most of your participation. And after the fair, you naturally want to provide the best possible follow-up to the visitors you’ve spoken to. In short, there’s a lot to manage. On this page, we’ve compiled everything you need to know. At the very bottom of the page, you’ll also find a checklist and an overview of important deadlines

1. What makes you unique?

What makes your company unique? What sets your product apart and makes it more innovative than those of your competitors? And why should potential customers choose you?

2. What is included in my EasyGo marketing package?

Part of your participation in an Easyfairs event is the EasyGo package. This package assists you in connecting with more potential customers. We make your participation even more convenient through digital marketing technologies such as My Easyfairs, the Smart Badge Reader, and the Visit Connect web application.

There are three different packages: EasyGo Leads, EasyGo Plus, and EasyGo Premium. Have you forgotten which one you have chosen? Please check your participation confirmation in your email or log in to My Easyfairs and view your package under your participation details.

Whichever package you have, EasyGo makes lead generation and follow-up easier. In the attachment, you will find an overview of all the components. To upgrade your package, you can go to My Easyfairs, manage your booth, and then click on “View Packages” at the top. Request a quote here or get in touch with your sales contact person.

3. How do I make my booth look attractive?

There is a lot to consider when preparing your booth. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you by putting together an overview of all the key points and deadlines here. Additionally, check the participant’s handbook for more details and watch the video for more tips and tricks.

4. How to stand out

In this video, we discuss the experience you want to provide to the visitors of your booth. You’ve probably attended trade shows in the past, and you likely remember that there are always a few booth setups that stand out more than others.

5. Your staff

After making your booth attractive, in this video, we discuss another essential aspect: Your booth staff.

6. How sustainable can I make my booth?

What measures can you take to reduce your ecological footprint during the event?

7. How do I promote my participation?

Promoting your participation and organization is simple. The video on the right explains it all step by step.

Participating in this service is easy. You upload the contact list (up to 3000 addresses) in our secure environment in My Easyfairs, and we’ll take care of a professional and personalized invitation with your company name on it.

Once you’re logged into My Easyfairs, you can fill in your company information if you haven’t done so already. Once all of that is filled in, you will be directed to a page where you get an overview of all the possibilities to enhance your profile. You can add products, innovations, news items, and job postings here.

We have ready-made marketing materials for you, which you can easily download in My Easyfairs. You can use this marketing material as-is in, for example, a newsletter, social media, or email campaign.

8. Time to follow up on leads

After the event, it’s time to get in touch with all the people who wanted to learn more about your company and your products.


9. Increase visibility by optimizing your company profile

Your participation begins before the event has even started. Fill in your profile on My Easyfairs completely to give visitors the opportunity to get to know your company in advance.


The first step is, to complete all the basic information about your company. Additionally, write a piece of text about what visitors can expect from you as an exhibitor. If you have an EasyGo Plus or Premium package, you also have the option to upload your logo.


You can easily view your own profile on our website. Under “Participants,” you’ll find your own profile listed in alphabetical order, showing you how it looks.


10. Welcome more visitors to your booth by using the Invitation Service

No more business cards, everything in a digital overview! Easyfairs has developed the Smart Badge Reader and Visit Connect specifically to capture leads in a sustainable and efficient way during an event.


We offer two digital options to gather visitor information instantly. The Smart Badge Reader and Visit Connect are designed to easily collect visitor information.

EasyGo is a service based on the latest developments in digital marketing technology. It is part of Easyfairs’ standard offering, but you can choose one of the three packages that best suits your objectives.

Visit Connect is an online platform that you can access on your smartphone or tablet. With Visit Connect, you can easily gather information from visitors at your booth. By scanning the visitor’s badge with the tool, you receive all the data you need for lead follow-up.

  1. Do I know how many Smart Badge readers are included in my package?
  2. Have I prominently placed my Smart Badge reader at the booth?
  3. Have I educated my staff on how the reader works?
  4. Do my staff have the Visit Connect webpage open?
  5. Do my staff each have their own profile for Visit Connect?

If you have questions, our Exhibitor Activation department is ready to assist: exhibitoractivation@easyfairs.com +31 523 289818

11. Increase the number of leads by maximizing the use of Smart Badge technology

During the trade fair, you’ve digitally collected leads with the Smart Badge Reader and Visit Connect. Of course, you want to follow up on these leads. In this video, we’ll show you how to easily receive, download, and follow up on your leads.


On the last day of the trade show, about an hour before the event ends, our team will come to pick up your Smart Badge Reader. If you prefer to leave it a little longer, you can return it yourself at the exhibitor’s desk at the end of the trade show.

12. Qualify your leads with Visit Connect

The leads from Visit Connect are immediately visible in the Visit Connect web browser. The leads from the Smart Badge Reader are only available after the trade fair once the reader has been returned. At that point, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to download your leads in the My Easyfairs environment.

13. Why do you need two lead generation tools?

The use of the Smart Badge Reader is initiated by the visitor. The visitor decides whether to hold their Smart Badge against the reader. Visit Connect is initiated by the exhibitor. During a conversation, you can determine whether the visitor may be a potential customer. You can then scan the Smart Badge with Visit Connect.

14. Checklist


Make sure you have entered the correct company name and that you have registered all your booth staff.


Ensure that all your printed materials have been submitted to us and that you have provided your booth layout for electrical requirements, etc.


Make sure you have submitted your booth design for our approval. Additionally, we would like to know if you need storage or forklifts.


Make sure you have arranged and communicated everything regarding furniture to us.

There are various options for your booth. We are here to assist you in setting up your booth, or we would appreciate receiving information about your booth.

Have you thought about how to set up your booth? Have you considered where you want to place the Smart Badge Reader?


Have you reviewed all the practical information and made adequate preparations? If not, you can read it again in the practical information for exhibitors.


important deadlines

Invitation Service
1 May 2023
My Easyfairs profile filled in
1 May 2023
submitted printed materials
1 July 2023
Submitted furniture preference
1 July 2023
Submitted standdesign
1 July 2023
Submitted stand layout
1 July 2023
Early booking rate in the webshop ends
1 July 2023
Webshop closes
1 July 2023
Register stand staff
1 september 2023
Storage and Transport Request
1 September 2023
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