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Print your own labels and tags with tasco’s range of colour labelprinters!

Bringing your production of labels and tags in-house can offer you many benefits. You print the number of labels you need when you need them. So you don’t have to carry a large stock of labels. So you no longer have to throw away expensive labels when launching a new product or a change of packaging. It gives you the flexibility to react quickly to changes in your environment. Besides, you can use seasonal labels (e.g. for the Christmas period). This increases visibility and ultimately sales. After this period, you simply switch back to the original label.

If you use only black and white labels on your products? Then quickly discover the advantages of colour. A colour label is more attractive and customers will choose your products in a shop faster. By working with efficient colour coding, you will find the products more easily in your warehouse and reduce the chance of incorrect order picking.

An additional advantage of making the labels yourself is that it is possible to print the variable dates (lot no., barcode, best before date, etc.) simultaneously.

3 reasons to print labels yourself:
* flexibility: your print what you need at the moment you need it
* cheaper: printing yourself is often cheaper than outsourcing
* no loss: print only the numbers you need

We now have clients in many sectors:
* food and drinks
* detergents
* cosmetics
* chemical industry
* pharma
* …




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