Update corona 24/4: Empack Utrecht 2020

In the press conference of April 21, 2020, the Dutch government announced that the current measures for events will be extended until the 1st of September, as a result of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus. Although Empack does not take place during this period, we want to keep you informed about the latest developments. We assume that the 1.5 meter society (for the time being) remains the norm. This has a major impact on the way we organize trade fairs and events. Empack has to be safe and everyone involved should feel safe, that is our top priority. We are therefore in the process of making Empack Corona-proof and hope to announce more about this soon. So keep a close eye on the Empack website and social media channels where we will post our updates.

Irma de Hoon, Group Event Director at Easyfairs Nederland on the current situation: “We had imagined things differently this year, but after the announcement of the Government regarding the extended measures, it is clear that once again many exhibitions and events cannot take place during the summer. At the same time, we realize that after this bizarre period there will come a time when we want nothing more than to meet face-to-face. If it is only to look each other in the eye again, catch up over a cup of coffee and make plans for the future that awaits us. And that is the time when we want to be there for the packaging industry more than ever. Our main goal is that we are able to organize a beautiful edition of Empack in September, which will provide the industry with the much-needed steps forward.”

In order to make Empack Corona-proof, the help and advice of a number of exhibitors is called in. Together with them, we will work on a plan to make the exhibition floor of Empack 2020 more than safe. Subsequently, the consequences will be shared with all participating parties. It is expected that all exhibitors can be contacted in the second half of May in order to come to a final design of the exhibition floor.

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