The alternative to labeling skin packaging.


During banding, a band of paper or film is placed under tension around one or more products and cold-welded with ultrasonic. This generates no heat and requires no glue. While carton sleeves only fit for a single product due to their fixed size, banding is very flexible. Banding machines have different modes and can react e.g. to resistance in addition to predefined banding lengths. Banding therefore always encloses a product as tightly as desired and necessary for the application. The up to 100 mm wide bands can be printed in advance on both sides and with up to 10 colours. If required, additional dynamic information (e.g. best-before date, composition of the product, code, producer, batch number etc.) can be printed during banding – either precisely adapted to the product with a thermal transfer printer or printed at regular intervals with an endless printer, making it more flexible.

Send us your product or your current packaging or visit us at the Solution Center in Meisterschwanden, Switzerland. We will show you how your product looks banded and how simple, scalable and environmentally friendly banding is.


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