Another step forward: ITENE confirms our PE HB ECO is 100% RECYCLABLE


It’s the news we’ve been eagerly waiting for, and now we can share it with you. According to our self-declaration evaluated by the ITENE Technology Centre, our new PE HB ECO material has been confirmed as 100% recyclable, in line with ISO 1984 and UNE 13688.

We have always highlighted the high barrier property of this material, as well as its suitability for pasteurization, hot-fill processes, microwave use and high degree of transparency; but now, we are pleased to announce this new material is completely recyclable. This takes us one step closer to our goal of creating structures that are 100% sustainable and comply with EC 2030 targets.

This material is available for stand-up pouches, 3-weld bags and side-pleat bags, and is suitable for hot-fill and cold-fill processes. We recommend it for all sectors that require a high-barrier material for products such as sauces, liquids, pre-prepared food products, superfoods and nuts.


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