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Kitchen of Materials is powered by People of Tomorrow

Kitchen of materials

Without material, no packaging. But how do you choose the right material and ensure the least possible environmental impact? How do you deal sustainably with the use of raw materials?

In order to choose the right material, you have to know what requirements the material has to meet. Important factors are the product that has to be packaged, the packaging process, the end user/consumer, and the location where the product-packaging combination will be used. If you properly analyze these factors, you will end up with a design brief that you can use to select the right packaging material.


Meet People of Tomorrow

Simone and Jens are two passionate entrepreneurs with a green heart. They create concepts and gives advice in sustainable food and packaging and by this they work towards a better tomorrow. The world around us is changing, we are in a transition. Change is not easy, but by taking steps together we can make a big difference. Simone and Jens use their knowledge about products, materials and design to help companies.

We cooporate with Empack, because this is the place where the packaging commmunity comes together. We work independently with Empack to inform visitors about materials and provide them answers to their questions. Does that taste like more? Then come visit us in the Kitchen of Materials during Empack 2020!


Simone & Jens People of Tomorrow

Simone Lips & Jens Visser

“We are committed to a better and cleaner tomorrow. This, we do for the people of the future. That would be you, but also the people who are over 100 years of being born’.


Independent advice about materials         09:00 – 11:00

Workshop Materials                                     11:00  – 12:00

Independent advice about materials         12:00 – 17:00


The kitchen will be the central point. Everyday a workshop will be held at the kitchen block. The materials that are treated herein are: plastic, paper and cardboard, glass and metal. Additionally, during these workshops another materials expert is invited to unleash the substantive knowledge.


People of Tomorrow ensures that the kitchen is decorated with “packaging ingredients” from the materials during the workshops. For instance plastic granules, chips and samples of the materials.


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