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Carbon free future

Planting trees and compensate CO2

Each year dozens of hectares of forest are lost. With disastrous consequences for people, animals and climate. By planting trees, we can protect and restore existing forest and raise awareness about the need for trees. Close to home, but also further away through sustainable forestry projects in developing countries. Only together can we ensure that we leave a livable earth to the next generation.

“Every year ten billion trees are lost”

Empack cooporates with UPF

Packaging is necessary for a livable world. Packaging ensures less food waste and makes efficient transport of products possible. At the same time, we must ensure that packaging does not end up in the environment and remain on the planet forever. Every year ten billion trees are lost. For that reason, Empack cooperates with United Packaging Forest and we plant one tree per exhibitor, in Uganda or in the Dutch Biesbosch.

UPF is one of the many partners of Trees for All and 100% of all donations directly go this foundation. By planting trees, they collectively offset the CO2 emissions of the entire production chain. Under the motto: “Every tree is one”, we want to make a real difference with as many companies in the chain as possible. Every participant, from individual to large company, is welcome to support this initiative.  

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