VDU (Volumetric dosing unit)

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VDU is a servo driven volumetric cup filler designed to precisely dose various sorts of granular product. This filling machine is characterized by its unique open frame design and full automatic set-up.
Product is being filled in the main feeding hopper and controlled by the level sensor. Cups are gradually being filled when passing the hoppers’ outfeed tray where excess product is scraped off. The bottom of the cups are closed by means of individual hinging stainless steel valves. When the cup passes the discharge chute, the bottom is opened by gravity and the product drops in the packaging machine.
Servo controlled cup volume reduces changeover time to an absolute minimum. All individual telescoping cups can be changed within minutes without the use of tools.
Up to 200 programs can be selected and stored easily by means of the full color touch screen on the central electrical cabinet.

VDU Highlights:
• Servo driven cup volume adjustment
• Stainless steel; hygienic open design
• Robust construction quality
• Fast cup change
• Allen Bradley PLC and electrical components
• Servo driven rotary movement

Technical specifications:

Cup range: 100-1500 Cc
Adjustment range: +/- 25 %
No. of cups: 8 pcs
Max. production speed: 60 drops per minute
Voltage: 230 V, 50/60Hz
Power during production: 2000 watt.


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