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The system consists of our updated version of our infeed system, the Pack Feeder 5 and our latest addition to the Pack Series wrappers, the Pack 202.

The improvements we made in our Pack 403, we have extended to the Pack 202. Based on feedback from our customers, Cleanability and Flexibility were the focus areas.

We included features that help producers to clean more easy and accurate.
And to be able to easily switch between formats the PF5 and the Pack 202 are designed for repeatability.
Also sustainability is taken into account. The paper-ON-form forming shoulder is a compatible option with the Pack 202. Meaning that you can wrap with normal and paper film on the Pack 202. Making it possible to gradually switch to paper.

The Pack Feeder 5 is a modular system that can be configured based on the customer needs with several options.
To provide the requested flexibility, the alignment unit can be adjusted from 15 to 170 mm. This allows for a fast and easy changeover and a broad format range.
The new side guide construction and open stainless steel design make it easy to access and clean.
The new belt tensioning system allows for toolless belt removal and robust belt tracking. This makes it possible to easily clean the belts and provide a more stable product flow.

The Pack 202 is a fully automated horizontal flow wrapping machine. The flow wrapper is suitable for bars, bakery products, cookies and crackers, as well as non-food applications. It benefits from a number of technological advances that were first introduced on the Pack 403.


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