Ensuring the highest product quality with maximum filler and closer efficiency – with the HEUFT SPECTRUM II VX this is simply easy! Proven functions for checking and inspecting full containers safeguard the quality of the products. The system uncovers losses in filler and closer performance before this can impair the efficiency of the complete line using an integrated quantifying system, serial fault detection and continuous monitoring. The high degree of automation of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform and the self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance take fill management to a new level.

– Fill level detection: Finding underfills and overfills reliably: the right technology for each application.
– Closure detection: Ensuring tightness: different possibilities for a closure check.
– Filler and closer management: Finding faults and exposing the causes: monitoring the filler valves and the closer heads.
– Burst bottle management: Detecting and competently managing burst bottles: effective protection against contamination due to glass splinters.
– Automatic sampling: Checking production quality regularly: exemplary sampling.
– Container distribution: Dividing up the production flow: distribution onto several lanes.
– Fault rejection: Preventing recalls: the reliable rejection of faulty containers.
– Product monitoring and self-tests: Playing it safe: exact product tracking and regular self-tests.
– Optional additional functions: Detecting even more: extensions to the range of functions.






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