Robot-Graders for fresh protein


X-ray inspection and robot-grading solution for fixed weight portions of poultry, meat and fish into trays

•Dual energy X-ray inspection system for bone detection combines with single head RobotGrader
for fully automatic packing into fixed weight trays.

•IX-G2 uses dual energy technology to reliably detect bones in meat and poultry at high inspection speeds.

•IX-G2 software determines product weight, position and orientation for the robot’s piece selection for each tray.

•The RobotGrader’s unique gripper design is able to grasp each piece to allow a fast, clean and decisive placement into the tray, whilst optimising pack styling (i.e. correct orientation and minimising protrusions).

•RobotGrader can significantly reduce labour cost and can save floor space by up to 30%.

•IX-G2 + RobotGrader contribute to reducing product giveaway and increasing weight consistency .



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