OTTO Digital Services | Reduce your downtime

OTTO keeps an eye on your vacuum pumps. Anywhere, anytime. With our digital services, the status of your process and the condition of your vacuum pumps are constantly monitored. OTTO automatically sends notifications to you and to Busch in the event of disruptions of your process. Choose OTTO, choose peace of mind, higher uptime and efficiency.

OTTO is the digital service innovation by Busch Vacuum Solutions. Condition monitoring of your vacuum pumps. Combined with attractive service packages.

OTTO monitors all relevant vacuum pump data, for example:
Oil temperature
Ambient temperature
Exhaust pressure
Inlet pressure
Oil level
Vibration level
Energy consumption
Running hours
Remaining time until next maintenance

What’s in for you?
Track your vacuum pump’s performance
You can track everything via the Busch IoT dashboard and the Busch Vacuum App. With the information at hand, you can analyze the last month’s performance and optimize your processes.

Let us do the monitoring
Want to lean back and let us do the work? No problem! Choose one of our service packages and we will take care of the monitoring. Explore the different packages below.

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