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Vertical form, fill and seal machines create bags from a flat film from the reel. The machines are suitable for packing many types of food and non food products.

The MINI has a compact modular design and is constructed out of stainless steel. This results in a high build quality and robust construction. Due to its low height and small footprint the machine is very versatile, both in small production areas as well as in industrial environments. The machine is standard delivered on wheels so it can easily be placed under various dosing systems. It also is very suitable for manual filling.

With its large range in pack sizes (40 up to 160 mm bag width and unlimited bag length) and a capacity up to 70 bags per minute, this machine can be used in a wide variety of packaging situations. In the standard configuration it produces pillow bags. Optionally the machine can also produce self standing bags.

The machine has an open, modular, construction, so it is easy to clean and parts are easily accessible. This creates a reduction in downtime and costs during maintenance work. Options and components can be retrofitted easily and quickly.

Efficient and flexible
Compact modular “frameless” design
Robust build quality
Allen Bradley PLC and electrical components
Servo driven film transport for accurate bag length
Ergonomic film support with film tensioning system and film brake
Fully automatic packaging solution in 1 m3

Machine is standard equipped with:

Stainless steel modular construction on wheels
Machine partly built out of recycled OCEAN PLASTIC
Machine safety according to CE regulations
Allen Bradley PLC with 7” full color touchscreen and 99
programs can be created and stored
Pneumatic opening and closing of the servo driven film pull belts
Ergonomic film support with film tensioning system, brake and lateral adjustment
Low power and air consumption
End of film detection


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