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Labeler Alpha HSM
Extremely flexible within limited space

Our label dispenser Alpha HSM offers more than just excellent performance.

It applies pre-printed labels to products and packaging in high speed. High performance servomotors offer very high accuracy in automatic labeling.

Thanks to their own drives and special adapters, for example, the label feeders and unwinders can be mounted location-idenpendently, while the basic module with the dispensing unit is integrated directly into the production line.

Plus: With its special housing, Alpha HSM achieves IP65 protection and does not need to be covered when used in damp and dusty environments or during wet-cleaning.

Depending on the system, labels with widths of 10 mm to 320 mm can be dispensed and label rolls with a diameter of up to 500 mm can be processed. Labeling speeds of up to 150 meters per minute or clocking frequencies of up to 2,000 labels per minute can be achieved.


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