Inspira iTPS™ – integrated Total Packaging System


High performance multihead weigher and rotary bagmaker for snack foods

•Offers unbeatable levels of performance and pack quality

•Top line speed of 150bpm for potato chips and 200bpm for extruded snacks, approaching zero giveaway and greater than 99% efficiency. Maximum bagmaker noise level of 80dBA at 200bpm.

•Bagmaker features such as automated film centring, auto-splice film management, automated air-fill technology and other automatic adjustments, help to ensure consistency in production and reduced human error.

•Dedicated software and servo-controlled sealing operation, with accurate jaw temperature and jaw pressure, delivering consistent pack quality and significantly reducing downtime.

•Double rotary jaws, servo motor and software controlled variable seal time, jaw temperature and jaw pressure offers excellent handling properties for a wide range of film types.

•Ceramic hot knife with enhanced, hard-wearing jaws offers superb sealing properties to deliver the highest quality pack presentation.

•Pre-configured for Smart Factories: Ishida Sentinel Reporting Pack, included free of charge for life, provides instant visibility of live machine performance from anywhere in the world.



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