High Performance in-line seal tester and checkweigher


High performance in-line seal integrity testing and checkweighing for snacks

•High precision seal testing and checkweighing at speeds up to
150 packs per minute

•Accurate in-line leak detection, gentle bag handling and
user-friendly operation deliver superior quality control

•AAF (Auto Air-Fill) feedback software automatically monitors and adjusts the pack inflation level on the bagmaker to deliver consistent pack thickness

•Feedback control ensures the servo-operated inspection head applies optimum pressure on the bag for greater leak detection accuracy.

•Integrated, high precision checkweigher with force-balance sensor delivers impressive accuracy with a minimum graduation of 0.1g

•Robust, stainless steel framework engineered to deliver many years of
service in the most demanding factory conditions.

•Available with IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System), a powerful software that captures and manages data from every pack that passes across an Ishida checkweigher and delivers in-depth performance monitoring to drive improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).



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