Entry-level X-ray inspection systems for pre-packed food and non-food


•High-performance foreign body detection and quality control for a wide range of packed products.

•The perfect balance of investment, detection sensitivity and low operating costs.

•Fitted with hygienic design ancillaries (heavy duty air rejects, red bin for foreign bodies, blue bin for additional quality issues)
and RRC (Retail Reject Confirmation).

•Reliably detects contaminants such as: steel, aluminum, tin, glass, stones, dense rubber, plastic,Teflon, PVC, bones and shells, for unrivalled food safety and brand protection.

•Unique detection technology gives increased image resolution and enhances the detection of both high and low density foreign bodies at high inspection speeds.

•Available with IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System) software which offers in-depth performance monitoring and drives improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).



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