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Need help stacking your products? Verbruggen specializes in the development of automated palletizing solutions for any stackable product type. Utilizing state of the art equipment we can create a customized palletizing solution to fulfill your needs.

Verbruggen is the leading choice for automated palletizing systems used for stacking the most difficult of bags, boxes and crates with superior stacking results. Quickly and efficiently stack your products using Verbruggen’s proven palletizing technologies while reducing labor, increasing production and benefitting from efficient long-term stacking operations. Also benefit from quick ROI, increased orders as a result of stable and great finish product stacks received by your customers.

Innovative Machine Design
Our team is comprised of 80 highly skilled professionals possessing widespread knowledge in all areas of engineering and control technologies. This allows us to produce state-of-the-art machines. We innovate continuously in order to be able to palletize even smarter. Because of this, our wide product range is known in the market as very progressive and reliable.

Maximum Utilization of Your Machine
Our customers value highly the long maintenance intervals, maximum operational reliability and the long overall life span of our
machines. Our smart machine designs ensure that only the minimum number of moving parts are used. Our dedicated Service Team is available 24/7 to provide professional service support via remote service capability, or if required onsite.

The Brains Behind a Stable Stack
Almost 30 years ago, the Dutch family of Verbruggen laid the foundation for many palletizing innovations that are still in use in agricultural and industrial markets worldwide. Verbruggen has facilities located in Europe (Emmeloord, Netherlands), the United States (Washington State) and Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh) providing optimal service coverage for our customers along with an extensive worldwide distributor network.

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