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Technisch Adviesburo Hemmes is a provider of products and solutions for the technical production automation.

We specialize in building customer-specific (vacuum) grippers and solutions. Ranging from small to very large, from simple to very complex designs, for most Industries.
With our knowledge and experience of the past 20 years and our innovative approach, we deliver smart and efficient solutions.
We prefer to work with standard parts as much as possible. For those cases where the best solution is not to achieve with standard components, we have our own workshop where we produce the product-specific parts ourselves.

We specialize in:

– Vacuum technology, from suction cup to vacuum stations;
– Vacuum gripper systems and components;
– Vacuum lifting equipment, tube lifter
– Conveyors, bulkfeeders, workpiece carrier systems and roller conveyors;
– Sorting and turntables;
– Pneumatic power cylinders;
– Air-powered engines and tools;
– Electro-pneumatic drilling, tapping and screw systems;
– Pneumatic tools;
– Industrial screens for machining
– Minimally Mix-Cool-Coat technology;
– Linear feed systems and vibratory drums;

– Customer-specific solutions.

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