We’re switching to green bubble wrap


The new bubble wrap we supply is made from recycled material. Apart from the appropriate green shade, the new film has exactly the same quality. We see this as an excellent opportunity in the interest of the environment and circular entrepreneurship.

You can use the green bubble wrap for the same applications: protecting fragile surfaces and objects, absorbing light shocks and padding.

Traditionally bubble wrap is produced from oil, a fossil fuel. However, there is enough used plastic waste with which the bubble wrap can be made. So there isn’t any valid reason to keep on using bubble wrap made of virgin material. We’re taking this step because the environment is important to us.

Our choice for this 100% recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene) contributes to the reduction of the waste mountain and we promote the reuse of waste and raw materials. It’s a step towards a smaller CO2 footprint.






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