SCHOEPS controls output quality of grated cheese bags with SealScope


When SCHOEPS appointed a new general management in 2018, one of the first objectives was to increase outgoing product quality. With the company’s vision to deliver premium quality cheese products to their worldwide customers, they opted for SealScope™ to 100% inspect their grated cheese bags for defective seals. As a result, the number of compromised outgoing products reduced drastically, to almost zero.

A common issue with gassed bags of grated cheese is that micro-leaks in the seal can lead to defective packages. Defective packages can be caused by plies or folds in the seal or by cheese particles stuck in the seal. Due to micro-leaks, the cheese bags lose their gassed condition and this is almost always noticed after delivery, so the products have to be returned to the manufacturer. About 1% of the total outgoing production had micro-leaks and was returned to sender. Schoeps initiated a research to find a solution to inspect each single seal.
Inline 100% seal inspection
To inspect the integrity of seals, Engilico ™ retrofitted two distance sensors on the sealing bars of the packaging machine. The responses of these sensors are measured during the closing of the sealing bars for every produced bag. Plies/folds or product in the seal cause a different signal than the reference response.

After installing SealScope™, the results were impressive. The outgoing quality increased significantly and today Schoeps has almost no customer returns of badly sealed packages.
Yannick Baudoux, General manager of Schoeps comments: “We are very pleased with the SealScope solution. We drastically reduced our customer complaints on badly sealed packages. About 1% of the total outgoing production had micro-leaks and was returned. This has now dropped to a few packages. We fully rely on this system that checks every individual product. This automated inspection is so much more effective than an operator that manually checks samples from the production.




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