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Packaging breakfast news

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On Wednesday April 1, KIDV brings the “Packaging Breakfast News” where all ins & outs about packaging and food waste are discussed. The discussions will be chaired and led by an independent journalist who introduces the table hosts to the public. This is followed by a round table discussion during which industry key experts unleash their substantive knowledge regarding several current issues.

Current topics

The Packaging breakfast news is intended to delve deeper into hot topics such as food waste, shelf life, laminates and reusable packaging, all related to the Zero-Waste theme. The topics stem from society on the one hand and from the consumer on the other, but are also influenced by (inter) national laws and regulations. The conversations will last approximately ten minutes per table guest and are going to be alternated with a short report or video.

Roundtable guests

During the breakfast sessions several experts will join the table, such as a producer/ importer of packaged products, a packaging producer, a packaging expert and an environmental expert. The moderating journalist will ask them insightful and interesting questions which will spark a great discussion that will leave the audience both informed and entertained. KIDV is committed to inviting a number of leading company names.

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